Thursday, 11 May 2017

Of Writer's Block + Surviving 4 Lyfe

Postcript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. Btw, I am apologizing on my behalf atas my entahapeape-ness. I just love to do puns! Sorry awal-awal yunks.

I saw Mary Poppins! Male version Mary Poppins. Without Mary Poppin's significant umbrella.

     No, I am not writing about how I overcome my writer's block. It's just cliche despite being informative - that is, if you are one dedicated blogger who dedicates his/her lyfe to blogging stuffs all day long and I know I am not one, well, you can literally see that my last post was about like, a month ago, and I haven't really made attempt to write sumthin. So yeah certainly not one dedicated blogger. Nuh-uh.

     Imma actually currently in my feelin-bored-i-wanna-do-sumthin-anythin-just-gimme-something-to-work-for mood, and suddenly when I was scrolling through my twitter - I'll tell you what, I am not a dedicated twitterian and I only bukak my twitter account every once in a while (tu pun bukak kat laptop and usually bila aku bukak tu aku tak tahu nak buat apa pun dengan  my twitter so then I just keep clicking whatever I found interesting) when I am during this kind of mood. Okay, back to original topic, I had this sudden burst of idea to write the infos I got after I read this one article that I clicked through my twitter home. It's entitled '4 EXERCISES THAT BURN MORE CALORIES THAN RUNNING'. Oh hell I AM searching for exactly that kind of article since forever! Yeah, Imma sloth I ady freakin' told y'all. Aku pemalas namatey nokk. I actually am okay with all kinds of exercises - in fact, I enjoyed more on doing resistance exercises rather than cardio ones. Cardio just aint ma thang, if y'all get me. Hahaha. So, if you guys are like me (whom doesn't really enjoyed runnin' and wishin' that there is sum exercise(s) that could replace running), y'all can read ma post. And fo de rest of ya who likez de runnin' but iz full of inquiry wanna know what other stuff out there that could replace running, o'course y'all welcomed to read ma post too :D


  • Flat-tyre biking
Well, right now this thing is quite in trend, right? Good job, humans. You've realized that there is a better alternative than runnin'. This exercise is basically just like your normal bicycling, but one thing that in this exercise, the tyres of ze bike is big - monstrous even. So, more energy is needed to turn the wheels of diz bike and therefore, more calories could be burnt.

Picture courtesy from Google.
  • Battling ropes
Easiest way to get flat tummeh. But seriously girls, if you wanna do diz, you gotta have lots of strength cuz it involves ur entire body even to just lift those ropes. Omaigad, racist-nya gua. 

Picture courtesy from Google.

Picture courtesy from Google.

  • Jumping rope
Orang Malaysia biasa panggil 'skipping'. Yeah, it is one of exercises that you can do to burn dat lemak degilz of yours, too. Skipping also improves ur balance, yknow. As for me, aku memang dari kecik tak pandai skip. so can I change jumping rope to jumping jacks instead? It looks the same to me. Jumping jacks pun lompat-lompat jugak 😂.
In jumping ropes, there is a great deal of hand and foot coordination that you need to maintain in order to skip in a smooth, uninterrupted flow - Article says.

Picture courtesy from Google.
  • Kettlebell swing
Same like battling ropes, you galz need to have lotz of strength to lift this kettlebell thing many times. But, it can be done, though. Personally, I prefer this exercise compared to the other three.  Hehe.

Picture courtesy from Google.


     To read more information about the '4 exercises that burn more calories than running', just click HERE. It'll be redirected straight to the article I read. For more types of exercises (which I always use as my sumber rujukan pertama cuz the exercises are simple ones and only took like 15 mins), click HERE.

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