Saturday, 23 December 2017

Habits : You Can Run From It For A While, But Somehow It Would Come Back To You... HAHAHAHA

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     Wow! That's a hella long title. Takleh panjang lagi ke? But It is true, folks. It' getting truer each and everyday, the longer you live. Be it good habit, or a bad one, it will somehow come chasing back at you. Be it you embrace the habit, or you loathe it, it will come back to you. Kalau dah embrace tu memang dah sah-sahlah habit tu takkan tinggalkan kau kan wkwkwkw emm pebende aku merepek ni emm :(  Well, of course sometimes there are times when your habits could be stopped, but that will take some serious act of will in yourselves. 

     What is habit? According to Wikipedia, habit are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. According to Cambridge Dictionary, something that you do often regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. According to Britannica, psychologically, habit are any repeated behavior that requires little or no thoughts and is learnt rather than innate. According to Merriam-Webster Free Dictionary (definition number 7), habit is defined as a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance. Okay, enough of all those dictionary-based definitions! I'm getting bored. And getting kinda sick salin ayat from those multiple sites. And besides, you're not gonna read those anyways XD

     So basically from those dictionaries (yang i googled dengan berjayanya pfftt), habit is any things done regularly, and repeatedly, until it became imprinted in your brain and thus done by us either consciously OR subconsciously. Not my intention of writing long paragraphs about this habit thing tho. Nama pun blog so santai-santai je lah kan gaya penulisan pun. And I meant for my blog to be a place for I can write things relaxly (IDK if that word exist or not tho. I just used it coz it just simply seem betul), my words of my own terms and not like term papers and those  boring  sheetz called itself as research papers that'z filled with nonsense I barely understand so yeahhhhh.

     A habit, I found is quite hard to be broken down. Especially habit lama. Well, unless kau ni memang jenis yang sheer willpower tersangatlah kuat. Itu pun, there will be traces of the habit yang akan melekat kat kau. Like those stupid dictionaries (it's stupid sebab it got words for everything and it kinda somehow makes me look stupider sebab i kept on not being able to find the correct words on everything tapi tu lah kita tak boleh nak banding diri kita dengan dictionary emm 😢) state, habits are imprinted to your brain! It's effing IMPRINTED! Lagi susah kalau nak buang habit yang bila kau buat tu, kau rasa tenang, rasa okay, rasa selamat, etc. Our stupid unused human brain is simply programmed to imprint (and even liking) things that is making us feel safe, tenang, okay, and everything good actually. It's like, fitrah. Lumrah. Unless people yang macam that President of some country whose tak habis-habis nak tentang Muslims sampai nak iktiraf Jerusalem as Israeli's tu lah. 

     About my habit, I am a perempuan. And I found that I have a knack on watching action movies tho. Tak kiralah macam mana aku stray berapa jauh aku stray berapa lama aku tak rasa nak tengok cerita-cerita tu pun, in the end it somehow came back to me. One -recently happened-- day, I watched Atomic Blonde, and the next thing I know is I'm searching for more action movies yang currently yang memang ada dalam lappu toppu aku LOL (sebelum Atomic Blonde I was watching Pretty Little Liars - dah sampai Season 3 now and doesn't feel like sambung tho cuz the drama keeps on intensifying and getting more ridiculous and more drama-ish and more dumber and more loathe-worthy LOL). FYI, I keep all those movies in my lappu toppu :( And now my lappu toppu keeps on lagging sebab dah berat sangat. Ada je azam nak beli hard disk but then imma still a student and you know how studentz alwayz iz broke af and kalau ada duit pun duit tu habis kat lain and in the end, end up tak beli pun benda yang paling penting sob sob. 

Postscript 2 : PLL fans, pleazzeee don't be mad at me because I said the series are loathe-worthy. I do like the series (awal-awalnya laaaaaa masa Season 1 sebab the storyline is kinda okay) but somehow it dragged on Season 2 and how Mona is not A and sanggup took the blames of A and how it got dragged sampai Season 3 and then draggggggeedddddd on until Season 7. Like, wow! So many dramas!!! I can't. Hahahah! No hard feelings tho. I'll be sure to sambung it once I got my drama side slash mood back. Btw, I also happen to watch Riverdale. Riverdale is not that bad, but it is not that good either. Tapi layan laaaa cerita tu. Nice ahh gak. Buat layan cemtu-cemtu. Btw, lappu toppu is LAPTOP FOR GOD'S SAKE LOL!

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

et al

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To use et al, which usually in scientific citations, you need to have multiple authors in a research to begin with. If there were only two authors, you state their last names and no need for et al's. Tak payah lah excited sangat nak guna et al tu kannn. 
Et al comes from some old Latin word which means 'and others'. So yeah, it is quite logic for using et al for more than two authors in a citation. Well, bayangkan lah, in a single research ada berapa ramai scientists (cuz seriously memang tak mungkin only one researcher je yang involved dalam one research), and every single time you mention their citation, you have to mention all their names. Penat kot. Dah lah ramai. So, nak memudahkan kerja, you just mention et al after the first author's last name. 
Example : Paul Gibson, Sandra Cooks, Dowell Harrington, Steve Sheridan, Samuel Templeton, Joshua Yang, Han Seoul-Oh (still couldn't get rid of the fact that Han's full name is Han Seoul-Oh, like, Han Solo. Geddit? It's a star wars thang. And them people in Fast & Furious NAILED it), William McMiller and Areefa Suleimen. These scientists were researching about new species of fungi that have photosynthetic properties in planet Mars. Damn thats a helluva lotsa name, right? So, we simplify it as, Paul Gibson et al. In other words, you were saying things like, Paul Gibson and others. Yup, pretty neat yeah? Yep, so it's done!

Postscript 2 : All names of scientists and that research are created fully by me. For example purpose only. No harm done. 

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

F*** Life

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So, I'm downloading Baywatch and I thought I want to post sumthin since I haven't done in a while ever since I went back home for my semester break and now I'm back in UTM (hell) and I got wifi and so I just want to ramble nuthin good and if y'all wanna close this blog you're welcomed to do so. Cuz I really am talkin s*** rn. Yeah, I'm bored af and actually doesn't really know why am I writing this and yeah, I'm just f***in bored and tengah merajuk with that idiot chicken and urrghh why is my spotify not working?? Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my new header! Tu je.

Hiasan semata-mata tak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati ponnn lah!! 

Postscript 2 : mind my language im just f***in miserable rn and will delete this post as soon as I'm feelin embarrassed writing this s***load. Oh btw now the spotify's workin. 

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

33 S.E.L.F T.R.I.V.I.A

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. Btw, I am apologizing on my behalf atas my entahapeape-ness. I just love to do puns! Sorry awal-awal yunks.

     Because I am sucha typical girl and likes to do typical girly stuffzz, so I decided to do some girly trivia via questions proposed by THIS WEBSITE. If I am ever so rajin, I assure you that I will answer the whole questions proposed. But as it turns out, rite now imma feelin' real slothy and can't wait to get back to snuggling atas my comfortish bed (as much comfort as katil kat kolej afford to give la WHICH is not much comfort but who cares duhh) and sambung baca my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book - potterhead detected. Without further ado, lets get back to business shall we?

Q1. What are your DOB.
Ans : I have three DOBs as it turns out. 18th of April as I put in my Facebook account, 24th of July as what I always been telling people if they ask me when is my dob, and my only and real birthday is, in my Identity Card. Sorry can't give personal infos sesuka hati. Susah nak percaya zaman sekarang ni haih. hahaha. *talk about random paranoia*

Q2. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for, and why.
Ans : 1. End World Hunger! 2. my own library comprised of unlimited supply of books of my likings #nerdetected , with cutting-edge habitable building design, high-tech security, beach view, and no one is to enter unless they got my permission hahaha 3. Unlimited supply of monehh in ma bank so dat i ken buy iphone 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  to infinity and beyond.

Q3. Has any movie, or book made a huge impact on you? 
Ans : Nope and no.

Q4. What is your biggest pet peeves.
Ans : When imma in really bad mood, every single thing is annoying. When imma in ma meutral / happy mode - no bluffin' but everything is unicorns and rainbows. Truly tho.

Q5. Do you ever have an imaginary friend as a child.
Ans : Luckily, nope. Phew.

Q6. Have you ever thought, even for one second, that Hogwarts was real.
Ans : As fellow potterhead, I believe it IS real *at least its real in my Riddikulus head*. Oh btw the Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor house. P/s: to be able to know your Hogwarts house, do visit . You can also know your patronus, your Ilvermorny house (I got into the house of healers - the Pukwudgie house) and also your wand.

Q7. Have you ever fallen for a character in a movie? Which one.
Ans : None. Null. Nope.  Good lord so far i am spared from the shame of falling for non-existal movie character. And i hope it stays haha

Q8. Have you ever wanted to lie about your age? When.
Ans : Whenever i feel like it. Cuz why not..

Q9. Have you fallen for someone by just talking to them over the phone.
Ans :
HavE YOu FalLeN FoR SomEoNe By JuSt TaLkIng To ThEM oVer ThE pHoNe

Q10. After watching Twilight, do you like vampires more, or werewoles.
Ans : Never watched it. Though I saved it in my laptop. Dunno when nak menengoknya tu hahahahehehehohoho

Q11. Do you like singing in the shower.
Ans : Unfortunately i am not dat gal. I dun sing in the shower. I sing wherever i just feel like it. Be it in a library or surau or masjid or bookshop or even atas katil (whenever my roommate is non-existal and i can pretend like i own the place).

Q12. What starsign are you.
Ans : imma scorpio. Now you have a gist of my DOB! Yeay! lol.

Q13. Whats your favourite colour.
Ans : H.O.L.O.G.R.A.M.S rulezzzz ! 

Q14. Do you have any pets.
Ans : nope.

Q15. What does your name mean.
Ans : soft-spoken mary. But apparently i havent live up to my name. yet.

Q16. Do you like reading? Who is your fav author.
Ans : Yes and apparently i hone my english skills thru reading. And movie-ing. J. K. Rowling, Will Hill, Rick Riordan, Anthony Horowitz, James Patterson, David Baldacci and Marie Lu.

Q17. Do you believe in 'love at first sight'.
Ans : yes why not. Anything is possible..

Q18. What types of holidays do you prefer.
Ans : Im not picky about thiz stuffz so whenever i can sleep and eat and sight-seeing is holiday.

Q19. What are you excessively obsessive-compulsive about.

Q20. Which is one rule you are proud of breaking.
Ans : I have always been a rebel to whomever and whatever. So, all rules that have 'do not' in it. 

Q21. If you were a super hero what powers would you have.
Ans : i always have a knack for Professor X's and Magneto's powers. So i shall have both can i?

Q22. What would your hero name be.
Ans : Meatball Martin Luther King Jr. HAHAHAHAH!

Q23. And what outfit would you wear.
Ans : havent think of diz. truly. I have always been the girl who wears anything that I think I will look good in AND those outfits are usually coming from my wardrobe. Yep peeps, I am not really a shopaholic especially when it comes to clothes (but I do have special place for perfumes - especially the one with cute bottles). Sorry, cant seem to enter ur entourage gurlz.

Q24. Which sport are you interested in.
Ans : Archery and horse-riding. I actually had start my lunging session yeay. And to be continued next semester (because this semester is ending and finals IS HERE and i have to concentrate and cramp my brain for finals) and i hope one day i could properly ride a horse and become a horse-rider athlete in UTM.

Q25. In your opinion, which are the most important traits in a man.
Ans : Tahan sabar gila namateyyy as he has to endure unstable me. *typical woman pfftt*

Q26. What can totally impress you.
Ans : Someone plizz buy me cute stuffz i like cute stuffz why u ken buy other gurlz cute stuffz but not me? and i rarely got present (but i do appreciate em when i ever receive one btw) even if its my birthday i think i want to kuatkuasa Christmas in my surroundings so dat i can receive gifts every year.

Q26. Whats your favourite pizza topping.
Ans : beef pepperoni, oh but i love veges too so i can go with just veges on my pizza! Oh and cheese. couldnt leave cheese. Cheese is lyfe.

Q27. Whats your favourite film.
Ans : The Dressmaker, Sweeney Todd - Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Harry Potter [potterhead detected], Pirates of the Carribean, Kingsman The Secret Service, Lord of the Rings, and The Woman In Black.

Q27. What kind of music do you like.
Ans : It depends on my mood. But mostly i just like to hear new songs in Spotify and if its good, i'll recommend it to my friends hahaaa

Q28. Whats your favourite song.
Ans : i answered alreadyyyy. You f-ing deserve the spongebob
WhAts YoUr FavOuRiTe SoNg

Q29. Whats your favourite fastfood chain.
Ans : McDonalds cuz I like bigmac and mcflurrehhhh.

Q30. What animal would you most like as a pet.
Ans : cat and horse.

Q31. Whats your favourite food.
Ans : Since i am rn homesick *tengah dengar lagu raya kat spotify omg*, my favourite food is all food my mom ever cooked. But aku paling rindu sambal goreng version mak aku. Takleh lawan doeh benda tu. Lejen habiss.

Q32. Whats your favourite sport.
Ans : Archery and horse-riding. Duhh, i answered already. Penat aku jawab panjang lebar tadi hurmpfh.

Q33. Have you ever kissed a girl.
Ans : Eww no. Thats kinda disgusting dontcha think?

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Of Writer's Block + Surviving 4 Lyfe

Postcript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. Btw, I am apologizing on my behalf atas my entahapeape-ness. I just love to do puns! Sorry awal-awal yunks.

I saw Mary Poppins! Male version Mary Poppins. Without Mary Poppin's significant umbrella.

     No, I am not writing about how I overcome my writer's block. It's just cliche despite being informative - that is, if you are one dedicated blogger who dedicates his/her lyfe to blogging stuffs all day long and I know I am not one, well, you can literally see that my last post was about like, a month ago, and I haven't really made attempt to write sumthin. So yeah certainly not one dedicated blogger. Nuh-uh.

     Imma actually currently in my feelin-bored-i-wanna-do-sumthin-anythin-just-gimme-something-to-work-for mood, and suddenly when I was scrolling through my twitter - I'll tell you what, I am not a dedicated twitterian and I only bukak my twitter account every once in a while (tu pun bukak kat laptop and usually bila aku bukak tu aku tak tahu nak buat apa pun dengan  my twitter so then I just keep clicking whatever I found interesting) when I am during this kind of mood. Okay, back to original topic, I had this sudden burst of idea to write the infos I got after I read this one article that I clicked through my twitter home. It's entitled '4 EXERCISES THAT BURN MORE CALORIES THAN RUNNING'. Oh hell I AM searching for exactly that kind of article since forever! Yeah, Imma sloth I ady freakin' told y'all. Aku pemalas namatey nokk. I actually am okay with all kinds of exercises - in fact, I enjoyed more on doing resistance exercises rather than cardio ones. Cardio just aint ma thang, if y'all get me. Hahaha. So, if you guys are like me (whom doesn't really enjoyed runnin' and wishin' that there is sum exercise(s) that could replace running), y'all can read ma post. And fo de rest of ya who likez de runnin' but iz full of inquiry wanna know what other stuff out there that could replace running, o'course y'all welcomed to read ma post too :D


  • Flat-tyre biking
Well, right now this thing is quite in trend, right? Good job, humans. You've realized that there is a better alternative than runnin'. This exercise is basically just like your normal bicycling, but one thing that in this exercise, the tyres of ze bike is big - monstrous even. So, more energy is needed to turn the wheels of diz bike and therefore, more calories could be burnt.

Picture courtesy from Google.
  • Battling ropes
Easiest way to get flat tummeh. But seriously girls, if you wanna do diz, you gotta have lots of strength cuz it involves ur entire body even to just lift those ropes. Omaigad, racist-nya gua. 

Picture courtesy from Google.

Picture courtesy from Google.

  • Jumping rope
Orang Malaysia biasa panggil 'skipping'. Yeah, it is one of exercises that you can do to burn dat lemak degilz of yours, too. Skipping also improves ur balance, yknow. As for me, aku memang dari kecik tak pandai skip. so can I change jumping rope to jumping jacks instead? It looks the same to me. Jumping jacks pun lompat-lompat jugak 😂.
In jumping ropes, there is a great deal of hand and foot coordination that you need to maintain in order to skip in a smooth, uninterrupted flow - Article says.

Picture courtesy from Google.
  • Kettlebell swing
Same like battling ropes, you galz need to have lotz of strength to lift this kettlebell thing many times. But, it can be done, though. Personally, I prefer this exercise compared to the other three.  Hehe.

Picture courtesy from Google.


     To read more information about the '4 exercises that burn more calories than running', just click HERE. It'll be redirected straight to the article I read. For more types of exercises (which I always use as my sumber rujukan pertama cuz the exercises are simple ones and only took like 15 mins), click HERE.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Those 4 Days In Perlis

     During my stay in Perlis not a long while ago, I have the chance of going to several places. Here are some spots that I managed to go (because my father only cuti on my third day during my stay, and the fourth day tu pulak memang aku nak kena balik ke Selangor pagi-pagi dah, so, memang tak berapa banyak lah spot yang aku dapat pergi). Overall, I can say that it was quite a satisfying experience considering aku datang Perlis sorang-sorang (acah backpacker kot lol) and that was my first time going to a far away negeri alone.

Gua Kelam
All I can ever say is, I love this cave! Very much! I love the sound of the rushing waters on the floors and through the walls of the cave. And the freshness and the sejuk of the waters (wow english and bm kau dulu macam mana dohh? Parah dah kau ni main manglish2 pulakk dah. Buruk pulak tu ayat pssh). It's just, wow! Mesmerizing. And rasa macam nak masuk je dalam tu. Swimming dalam tu. Okay, nampak lah kan betapa bataknya aku. Well, what can you expect? Selangor bukan ada gua-gua yang macam ni kan? Haha! Batu Caves? Not wishing to go there. No offence, but the statues there creeps me out. IDK why tho. It just creeps me out. But, being in this cave, it has some calming effect on me. So it's true what they all been saying, being close with nature soothes.

Entrance. Wondrous ain't ?

     Once you're out in the back of the cave, kau akan jumpa this hutan. They named it Secret Garden. Why, though? Cliche wehh cliche. Haha! Nice try, Ministry of Tourism. Cliche angat nama tu. But, nice try. I guess they named it 'Secret Garden' sebab you will not discover that 'sacred place' if not sebab you dah go through sampai belakang gua and then you expect to see things. Wait, apa je yang biasa kita tengok kat belakang gua? Hurmm.. KBAT-nya soalan. Moving on. Here are some shots I managed to get.

Aku rasa aku tangkap gambar batu ni sebab aku rasa lighting kat batu ni cantik. Tu je. Ceteknya pemikiran. Hahaha!

Padang Besar
Entahlah weh, aku rasa kalau dah namanya pelancong, mesti nak jugak pergi sini kan? Dasar pelancong. Tapi apa2 pun, best jugak Padang Besar. Kau boleh tengok barang-barang dari Thailand semua ada jual kat sini lah. Dari jajan-jajan, sampai ke souvenirs, barang kosmetik, baju2, jerseys, and barang dapur, barang mandi, semua ada. Walaupun barang2 kat Padang Besar ni mostly dari Thailand, cantik jugak. And dari segi kualiti, asal kau reti jaga barang, eloklah dia 😂 

     Tapi sayang, time ni aku lupa nak bawak phone aku. Tertinggal dalam kereta beloved father gue. So, aku tunjuk apa aku beli je lah ye.. Tak banyak pun aku beli. Just one two-strapped bag, and a pack of candies. Unfortunately, the candies had been finished sebelum sempat aku snap gambar.

Sorry for the shitty props. Sebenarnya gambar ni aku just nak tunjuk kawan aku je jahaha.

Restoran Api-Api, Kuala Perlis
Restoran ni dah popular dah kot aku rasa, baik locally mahupun internationally. Serius, makanan dia best gila! Ikan fresh angat-angat ikew loikee lol gediknya okay uolls dah boleh muntah slow2. Tempat makan ni memang open gila and dia kat depan sungai yang menghala ke arah laut. View yang memang naiss ah! Kalau time sunset, memang view dia sangat-sangat spectacular - and kebetulan time aku and family aku makan sini time tu petang2 nak senja, dapat lah tengok sunset tu. Very spectacular!

P/s : Aku tak sempat nak tangkap gambar lauk-pauk coz time tu memang aku dah kebulur so aku terus sambar je ikan tu time ikan tu sampai kat meja. But, all I can say is, ikan bakar dia tu aku suka. Maybe sebab aku jarang makan ikan bakar perap dengan santan and kunyit macam tu kot.. Hurmm.. Btw, ayah aku cakap ikan bakar style tu gaya Thailand. I like it. Maybe balik rumah nanti aku boleh mintak mak aku masak ikan bakar style Thai ni 😂😂

Kucing ni comel sangat sampai wlaupun dia tak pandang aku, aku nak jugak snap gambar dia.

Taman Rekreasi Pengkalan Asam, Kangar
Because my father practically drag me here pagi tu. But, the park is quite nice. I managed to get a few shots lah sebelum kitorang proceed pergi ke Gua Kelam.

     And, that's about it. Esok paginya, I have to get back to Selangor. It is kinda sad actually. Given that short amount of time, aku cuma dapat lawat a few spots je. Tu tak masuk lagi time musim mangga Harumanis, kan? Sebab diorang ada buat some kind of festival (nampak lah aku kejar buah mangga tu je). And, more importantly, in that short amount of time, I did manage to get to spend some time with my father. Lastly, hargailah ayah anda selagi beliau masih ada dekat-dekat dengan anda. Hahah! 

     And if I were to be given another chance to visit Perlis another time, I certainly would love to go there again.

Post-script : Sorry if my pictures punya quality a bit suck. I took em with my phone yang tak seberapa tu jeww. Hewhew.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

What Cabin Are You In at Camp Half-Blood Quiz

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab.

     Yes, you read it right. Camp Half-Blood. From Percy Jackson*Rolls eyes*. C'mon! It's the 21st century! Takkanlah orang besar pun tak boleh nak let imagination run wild every once in a while kan? Haha. I think it is cool though knowing which cabin will I be in IF I ever am a demigod. It is not real, yes. It's just mere fantasy, yes. But it's nice though 😂 It is like, some kind of stress-releasing therapy without yoga and workout and excessive consumption of delicious unhealthy food ohmyguards I am craving ayam mcdonalds lewlz . Without further a-do, so, I decided to take this quiz on quotev. I uguys wanna join my weird happy therapy, uguys can click HERE to be redirected directly at Quotev obv. *pshh*.

     Believe it or not, Quotev have got, like, this many-many awesome ridiculous quizzes which you can main jawab-jawab and be silly with yourselves. I even pernah jawab this quiz about Which We Bare Bears Characters Are You, and I got Grizz! I'm perfectly thrilled uknoww. Coz I always liked Grizz hahaha! Hey, there's no limit to inner childishness even when you're an adult duhh. Okay, back to original topic, so, when I took that Camp Half-Blood quiz, I expect to end up in cool houses like, Zeus's, or even Hermes's and Aphrodite's (coz basically before this, when I took this kind of quizzes, I usually end up in these two houses I wonder why), and Poseidon's - even though I couldn't swim but there's no wrong in hoping right hahaha. 

     But, I have never thought that I would be in HADES's house!! Yes, the quiz had officially put me in Hades's House. So now I do know that I am part badass 😈. I actually got the chance to be in Athena's, Zeus's, and Hades's House to be exact (you can refer to the pic I attached below) but the quiz decided to put me under Hades's House. Hellish choice, quiz! But I kinda like it tho. Hurmm, badass mind.

     Btw, tekan THIS ONE F****** if you are interested in answering this Camp Half-Blood quiz. Maybe you will land in a better house than mine haha. Do share your results with me though *wink*.

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Friday, 24 March 2017

You're Single Because You're Too Attractive

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     Believe me when I say I take some risk of updating this blog when I am actually supposed to finish my part of Cellular Biochemistry and Metabolism lab on lipid tests right now. Besides, updating will only take some minutes, right? And, writing lab report's discussion takes HOURS, right?

    What's with the title, though? The other day on MSN, I encountered an article titled 'You're Single Because You're Too Attractive'. Forgive me, but I do not know the link because I DO NOT CLICK ON THAT ARTICLE. At that time I was just too busy to get logged in to the internet to send my previous lab report before the dateline (or is it deadline?) catches on and me and my team would lose mark because of the lateness to send the damned lab reports. 

P/S : The web was intended to be a prank hehee. Funny enough? Haha! Gotcha! Well, sometimes you just gotta load yourselves with useful infos instead of some random Kardashian's well-beings, right?

     Yesterday, I went to search again for the article. Sadly, I don't really find it in Google. Although the fact is just that I didn't look DEEP enough. But, I do find somewhat similar article although it may look weird to me because it actually comes from this website called kidspot. It's kinda disturbing really. LOL. But, it is the only one with similar title and it's contexts are related. 

So, here's what kidspot has to say about this issue :

     That's it, folks. Yep, that was all I could find. If you got more related articles do let me know, though. I would love to read it. Oh, and I have another article that might actually is equally interesting. Haha! Just click HERE. Don't worry, it is not another prank.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Yea pinuye alls

     Is it too late now? Guess it has been quite a while since I last updated my blog now ain't? *Check it now please dear invisible readers. I last updated at 9th December 2016. So yeah I think that was a pretty long vacay hahaha.

     Anywhos, I actually planned to write about my short trip to Perlis last December (see? An event berhabuk from last year yang aku tashempat nak isi kat belog T_T) tapi since last December also (Gosh i do have quite an eventful month in December. I wonderrr..), my precious *Smeagol's voice whenever he says 'my precious'* lappy rosak nokk. So nak tak nak, iolls kena lah hantar lappy iolls ke kedai untuk dibaiki. Ye lah, kalau tak macam mana nak siapkan assignment, lab report etc.

     Sepanjang-panjang tempoh aku nak hantar laptop baiki and selama tempoh laptop dibaiki, aku menggagahkan diri bawak diri naik bas tiap-tiap hari pergi library. Hahaa gigihkan daku ini?

      Tidak dilupakan juga, pinuye alls! Next time nanti ni aku akan sedaya upaya update about that short trip to Perlis yerr. Because now in Malaysia is nearly 6 am and I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY SLEEP SINCE YESTERDAY. Memang gila aku kot kalau biar tak tidur lagi lama ni *thoughtful face in emoji*.

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