Friday, 9 December 2016

Dude & Death : The Origins

     I had accidentally found a short comic entitled 'Dude & Death : The Origins' in imgur while I was browsing some stock photos and eating Jacob's Hi-Fibre biscuit dipped with Nutella (bcoz that's all I could find in my piles of stok makanan - although it was not at all called 'stok makanan' dah kalau cuma nutella and biskut je yang ada dalam tempat simpanan makanan aku kan 😂). 

     I found this short comic is tediously hilarious! Not to mention it's epicity. hahaha. So, I had decided to capture Part 1 of the comic in this blog for you guys to read. For the rest of it, just click HERE.

 Dude & Death : The Origins [Part 1]

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Viral : Too Much Information Tag

     This is originally created by Liyana Jasmi.  According to Liyana Jasmi, this was originally quite a popular thing in YouTube. So, it has been quite a while is it? I wonder how long have I been living under the rock now hahah. So, I found the questions in this TMI Tag is quite interesting. Save the chitty chat-chat for later. So, I want to try this TMI Tag too.  Here we go..

Q1 : What are you wearing ?
Black shirt with Ghostbusters logo I bought from Uniqlo two years back. Oh, and a black tracksuit with pink stripe.

Q2 : Ever been in love ?
O'course! Imma human being duh

Q3 : Ever had a terrible breakup ?
No I don't want to answer this one no.

Q4 : How tall are you ?
157cm. I am not tall i know 😭 #feelinbad

Q5 : How much do you weigh ?
52kg but that was 3 months back. Yeah aku gemuk I admit #feelinbad

Q6 : Any tattoos ?
Nope but I would love to get one hehehe. Aku nak tattoo of a crow on a dead branch. Hell yeah! #dojudgemeidontcarewhatever

Q7 : Any piercings ?
Nope. Not intending to get one. I am not an accessories-lover of any kind.

Q8 : OTP ?
On The Phone?

Q9 : Fav show(s) ?
The Corny Collins' Show! Kidding. Can I list my fav movies instead? I love Hairspray. Hey, now they're doing this LIVE Hairspray on NBC, right? Huhuhu 👏👏👏 Oh, okay sambung. Aku jugak suka Harry Powder Potter, Lord Of The Ring, Sweeney Todd : Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Pirates Of The Carribean, and some more movies I couldn't remember right now yeah

Q10 : Fav band(s) ?
My brain is jammed.. Sebab banyak sangat band yang aku suka sampai tak tertulis di blog hahaha

Q11 : Something you miss ?
Masakan mak aku. Ibu, nak balik nak makan sambal goreng!

Q12 : Fav song(s) ?
Currently : Hero - Cash Cash ft. Christina Perri,
Beautiful Now - Zedd ft. Jon Bellion,
Glowing In The Dark - The Girl And The Dreamcatcher,
Make You Stay - The Girl And The Dreamcatcher,
Forever And Always : Because Of You - Lana Del Rey,
Cannon in D - Pachabel,
Davy Jones Theme - Hans Zimmer,
Dance Of The Little Swans - Tchaikovsky,
Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers ft. Daya,
Hotaru No Hikari - Ikimono Gakari,
Thinking Of You - Katy Perry,

Q13 : How old are you ?
Umurku rahasia. Shhhhh... *ahaks*

Q14 : Zodiac sign ?
Scorpio daredevil 😈

Q15 : Quality you look for in your partner ?
Asal tahan perangai aku sudaaa... And tahu buat kerja rumah so that nanti bila dah kahwin dia boleh tolong bini dia ni buat kerja rumah.

Q16 : Fav quote(s) ?
I am no servant of no one. I control my life 😎

Q17 : Fav actor(s) ?
Johnny Depp (uhf course. Dia kan memang kegilaan semua orang), Robert Downey Jr, Natalie Portman, Beto Kusyairi.

Q18 : Fav colour(s) ?
Any colours asalkan bukan grey i think.

Q19 : Loud music or soft ?
Soft. I have a serene and fairy-taley heart hahaha. But sometimes I do prefer loud musics tho. But, luckily for me, I tak terjebak lagi dengan dunia heavy metals hahaha.

Q20 : Where do you go when you're sad ?
Aku tidur je lerh pfft.

Q21 : How long does it take you to shower ?
For reals?? Personal gila soalan hahaha. Paling lama pun aku pernah mandi selama 45 minit and yang tu pun mak aku dah bising cakap aku berkubang dalam bilik air hahaha.

Q22 : How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning ?
Depends. Rasa nak melaram, lama jugaklah aku nak siap-siap. Rasa tak kisah nak serabai, 1 minit pun dah ready 😎😎

Q23 : Ever been in a physical fight ?
No. I come in peace, dear hoomans.

Q24 : Turn ons ?
Orang yang suka belai kucing ahaks.

Q25 : Turn offs ?
Acah hebat. Poyos.

Q26 : Reason(s) I joined Blogger ?
Sebab aku suka edit template dia hahaha. Walaupun tak berapa nak reti, tapi aku puas hati dengan hasil dia. Second, is because I need one place where I can share my thoughts. Wordpress? I tried, tapi aku tak faham cara nak guna dia wkwkwk.

Q27 : Fears ?
"Fear for the name implies that your fear is fear itself." Familiar enough? Quote from dear Hermione Granger in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. Hahaha. Nampak tak pengaruh Harry Powder Potter kat aku?

Q28 : Last thing that made you cry ?
I have a simple heart. I see things that touches my heart, I cried. Huhuhu.

Q29 : Last time you said you loved someone ?
To my dearest Teddy Bear.

Q30 : Meaning behind your blog URL ?
I created my blog URL out of random thought. Please don't ask pathetic question like dizz *roll eyes*

Q31 : Last book you read ?
Can't remember the title. Truly.

Q32 : The book you're currently reading ?
Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It's real awesome, uguys.

Q33 : Last show you watched ?
Ao no exorcist ?

Q34 : Last person you talked to ?
My friend. The conversation goes like diz. "Do you want to sleep now? Tutup je lampu. Aku tidur lambat lagi"

Q35 : The relationship between you and the person you last texted ?
My hunny bunny. Dia tengah nak manja-manja (konon 💁) dan aku balas "Nak apa?". And now I guess dia tengah merajuk hahaha.

Q36 : Fav food(s) ?
Anything. I eat lots of things. From vegan foods to regular foods. Oh, and I forevah luhvin McDonald's Big Mac Set. It's my dadah you know 💃

Q37 : Place(s) you want to visit ?
Russia. Japan. China. Aussie.

Q38 : Last place you were ?
My faculty.

Q39 : Do you have a crush ?
Currently nope.

Q40 : Last time you kissed someone ?
In my wet dreamzzz hahahahahahahahahaha C'mon! I'm kidding jer larh.

Q41 : Last time you were insulted ?
Sekolah rendah.

Q42 : Fav flavour of sweets ?
I like whatever my tastebuds seem to like.

Q43 : What instrument(s) do you play ?
I dun play intruments.

Q44 : Fav piece of jewelery/ies ?
Nah. I dun wear nada. I dun prefer those jeweleries to go lilit-lilit my hands and neck and fingers and legs.

Q45 : Last sports you played ?
Futsal. And it was 3 months ago.

Q46 : Last song you sang ?
Anak itik tok wi mandi dalam kolam ♫

Q47 : Fav chat up line ?

Q48 : Have you ever used it ?

Q49 : Last time you hung out with anyone ?
With ma hunny bunny at the arcade.

Q50 : Who should answer these questions next ?
To whoever finds this questionnaire interesting.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's been December now, ma love 💕

     'Tis december now. Time to renew my 'azam lama' and maybe find a new 'azam' and wish that the new year will be better than this year has been. 

     Hahaha. Cliche, isn't it? Gosh! I don't know why I wrote that. I am sorry, dear fellow readers. I've been out for some time now in the blogging world (padahal baru lebih kurang berapa minggu je Cehh) but now it felt so alien to me. Like, I don't know how to write a post properly and et cetera, et cetera. Okay, enough nonsencity.

     So, during this sophomore year, I have learnt lots of things. Interesting things. Exciting things. Humiliating things. Sad things. Touching things. And the list goes on and on.. 

     Time to learn from past mistakes and move on, mara ke hadapan dengan semangat membara untuk tidak mengulangi 'the past mistakes'. Yosh! đŸ’ȘđŸ’Ș 

P/S : The other day, I watched Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them at the local TGV Cinema in Johor Bahru. Personally, aku rasa plot cerita tu agak lemah. There's holes everywhere yang buat cerita tu macam tak lengkap. They should terangkan more about those beasts, why Mr. Scamander keep insisting that MACUSA shouldn't kill those beasts as they were harmless. Okay, maybe it is me yang ada terlepas plot somewhere but all I see was those beasts wreaking havoc all the way when they escaped from that bag. And also about that witchcraft and wizardry intolerance  in USA in the current time and the whole Obscurius thing. It just didn't really make sense in my fantasy mind. Sorry.

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Sesungguhnya aku terGEZUTTT

Haritu aku ikut mak aku pergi Giant, Malaysia's local Walmart-like.

Then, I have to stay in the car sebab dua-dua adik aku tidur. *Ada ciri-ciri sistur mithali tak aku? Ceh padahal mak aku yang suruh berbuat begitu memandangkan dia taknak kejut budak-budak tu*

Selepas lebih kurang dalam 30 minit mak aku pergi dan aku dengan penuh sabarnya menunggu sambil tengok manusia dan kereta yang datang dan pergi ditemani suara siapa tah yang aku dengar yang tengah nyanyi kat radio tu, tiba-tiba ada dua orang gadis yang lalu depan aku. Mereka telah menarik perhatian aku.

Seorang free hair. Seorang lagi pakai tudung. Manis betul muka dua-dua gadis tu. Lagi-lagi yang pakai tudung tu. Muka ala-ala model jubah muslimah wehh! 

Tapi sayang, gadis bertudung yang muka ala-ala model jubah muslimah tu tengah pegang a lit-up rokok. 

Elok je sampai depan kereta aku mak aku, dia hisap rokok tu untuk beberapa sedutan.

Lepas tu, dia buang rokok tu then sambung jalan with her friend and they were heading towards Guardian, Malaysia's local drugstore.

Seeing that very scene before my eyes got me thinking, what a corrupt world we now live in. Aku actually tak lah terkejut tengok perempuan merokok. Cuma, kali ni maybe sebab aku baru first time tengok gadis bertudung dan yang muka cantik sebegitu tengah merokok. That very thought terus je crossed my mind. It was quite a sight, really. Bukan selalu kan nak jumpa gadis bertudung openly merokok. Hahaha.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tryin : Dior Doux Gommage Express (With Pure Lily Extract)

     Huahuahua. Fefeeling orang Eropah jap. Nak try cakap France. Konon.

     Btw, for 6 consecutive days, I have been using this 'Dior Doux Gommage Express (With Pure Lily Extract)' thing. And, it worked on my face! OMG I am so excited. Since I am not so-much as you would call as a product user very much (except for lipsticks you see I am a lipstick hoarder and I am proud of it btw that is another story), I am really thrilled to see that this product actually worked on my face! Instantly! INSTANTLY! As soon as I rinsed my face after using this 'Dior Doux Gommage Express (With Pure Lily Extract)' thing, , it had started to work it's magic on me. My face felt so smooth OMG. Bayangkanlah betapa thrilled-nya aku lepas basuh muka tu. Jadi jakun kejap aku kat bilik air tu. hahaha. Fyi, muka aku tak lah kasar sangat sampai aku nak rasa thrilled gila lepas pakai benda tu, just sebab aku tak pernah rasa kulit aku selembut itu wkwkwkwk. Selembut kulit bayi bakhang! Ceh hiperbola-nya.

     Okay, so ekceli point sebenar aku tulis panjang-panjang ni sebab aku nak cakap je yang 'Dior Doux Gommage Express (With Pure Lily Extract)' ni sangat berkesan ke atas muka aku. hahaha. 

P/S : Kat Malaysia ni berapa eh harga satu botol benda ni? Coz yang ai is pakai tu actually mak ai punya. hahaha. Ai pakainya secara curi-curi tanpa pengetahuan beliau. hahahahahaha. 
PP/S : Jangan pakai skrub muka hari-hari. Nanti kulit uolls terhakis. Tak pasal-pasal dapat permanent damage kat muka uolls yang pelohlesh tue.
PPP/S : I have never known lily extract is beneficial. Ye la, selama ni aku membesar tak pernah pulak diperkenalkan dengan kebaikan-kebaikan lily ni. Aku cuma kenal Lily mak si Harry Powder je. hahahahaha.

Dior Doux Gommage Express (With Pure Lily Extract). Sorry ai tak ada gambar sebenar sebab ai is rushing nak balik universiti tadi. Terpaksa culik gambo Mr. Google Yang Bijaksana. huhuhu 

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I Am Falling In Love... Again...

     This time, it is with a dancer. hahaha! Hey, it is not entirely my fault, okay.. He flirted with me first, so it is not my fault that I kinda fall for that guy.. Okay, so this is awkward. hahaha. Okay, so bye now ~

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Viral : Nasi Lemak Anak Dara

     Dia punya nama tu agak tak boleh blah lah aku rasa. Hehehe! Lawak pun ye jugak. But then, ramai orang nak beli. Apa je beza nasi lemak buatan anak dara ni daripada makcik-makcik tepi jalan punya? 

     Adakah sebab nama dia ada letak 'Anak Dara' tu kat belakang, dia jadi viral gila tu? Ada lah jugak aku usha-usha websites lain yang ada buat liputan sikit-sikit pasal nasi lemak anak dara ni kan, and diorang cakap faktor penarik orang nak beli nasi lemak dia adalah sebab nasi lemak dia sedap. Okay, yang tu aku boleh terima lagi. Kot-kot lah nasi lemak makcik-makcik dah tak ada umphh kan.. Tapi, yang faktor lagi satu ni bagi aku agak weird. Aku tahu lah muka dia manis, ada ciri-ciri bini mithali bagai, tapi kalau nak jadikan benda tu sebagai faktor nasi lemak tu viral, to me it's like you were stating that 'sayang lah tak support anak dara ni.. muka dah lah manis, ayu pulak tu!' - Benda tu actually tak lah buruk, just aku rasa benda tu pelik. Nak-nak lagi ramai pembeli dia orang lelaki. hahahahaha! 

      Aku bukanla biased ke apa ke kan, tapi aku rasa agak kesian pulak dengan makcik-makcik yang selama ni dah berniaga nasi lemak berpuluh-puluh tahun tapi tak ada lah pulak viral macam tu sekali . Hahaha. Apa-apa pun kan, kalau kita as para ladies dan para ibu-ibu  di luar sana, andai anda rasa tercabar dengan anak dara ini, mari lah kita sama-sama masterkan diri kita dengan ilmu memasak nasi lemak hebat supaya kaum adam sekalian tak jatuh cinta pandang kedua dengan nasi lemak anak dara dan tuannya! Ehh? 

P/S : Selama aku pernah beli nasi lemak tepi jalan, ada ramai je aku tengok anak-anak dara tolong mak dia jual nasi lemak, kadang tu ada je yang pakaian dia lagi ayu dari anak dara ni, tapi tak lah viral sampai begini sekali hahaha [nampak macam aku ni sebenarnya nak bash anak dara ni pulak hohoho]

PP/S : Rezeki masing-masing di tangan Tuhan.. Dah rezeki anak dara tu untuk maju dengan bisnes nasi lemak dia kan... Kira dia ni bagus jugak tau, ada tekad untuk terus jual nasi lemak coz dia claim yang pendapatan jual nasi lemak lebih lumayan daripada gaji as engineer - but then tu sebab nasi lemak dia laku kan? Cuba kalau nasi lemak dia tak laku. hehehe.

PPP/S : Anadara sp. - Kerang [Cockle] Hahaha tiba-tiba melalut!
Macam-macamlah dunia sekarang...hahaha. Picture Courtesy from Google

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Segment / GA Time!!

     Dear people, I really am bored right now. So, I have decided to join a Segment and a Giveaway to reduce my boredom kingdom.

Segmen Bloglist Nov ~ Dis 2016 By Yana Pink Blossom

Coz the banner is sooo cute.. That cat!! OMG!
Giveaway Salam Perkenalan By Mashitah Mamat

And, the prizes are as followsssss ;

Coz I want those Mary Kay - especially! OMG! Please let me win, dear sisturr..
 P/S : Banner-banner diatas boleh di-klik
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Friday, 30 September 2016

Faceup : Zodiac Signs - Makeup

     I love things about zodiac. I felt like they really show us some of our personalities, generally. Eventhough I felt like some of those things are quite unlogical and are superstitious, but I just love to read / hear / watch things about zodiacs. Especially Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, and Sagittarius. 

     Today, I had found a video on YouTube about ASTROLOGY-INSPIRED MAKEUP. Somehow, I found that video is an interesting topic - basically because it is about makeup and zodiac combined hahaha.

     Let's just not waste anymore time. So, what zodiac has to say about your makeup looks? Let's see...


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Social, rational, and loves communications and relationships with other people. They are thinkers, friendly, intellect, communicative, and analytical. Loves philosophical discussions, social gatherings, and good books. They likes to give advice, but BEWARE! They can also be so superficial. Hurm, no comment.
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards more experimental makeup and more unique colors, like purple or blue. 
SIGNS : Aquarius (basically original, intellectual, and unpredictable), Gemini (basically inquisitive, versatile, and charming), and Libra (basically social, diplomatic, and flirtatious).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Earth-ies are 'bound-to-earth' - always have their heads down low to the ground.. Seorang yang tak mudah lupa daratan lah giteww. And they are the ones that brings us down to earth. They're mostly conservative and realistic, but sometimes can be so emotional. They are practical, loyal, stable and they stick by their people through hard times. Wow, so simple and pure these earth-ies, don't they?
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards more of a natural expression of colors, more to earth tones and neutral colors. 
SIGNS : Taurus (basically reliable, determined, and faithful), Virgo (basically shy, modest, and practical), and Capricorn (basically ambitious, disciplined, and patient).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Tends to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental. They gets angry quickly but then easily subsided. They're adventurous with lotsa energy. They're physically strong and are a source of inspiration for others. They are also intelligent, self-aware, creative and idealistic. They are always ready for action! Hurm, very charismatic, eh?
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards brighter bold colors, such as red.
SIGNS : Aries (basically courageous, confident, and impulsive), Leo (basically creative, independent, and loyal), and Sagittarius (basically honest, philosophical, and adventurous).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Exceptionally emotional and ultra-sensitive. They are highly intuitive and some are very mysterious. Water signs loves profound convos and intimacy. They rarely do anything openly and are always there to support their loved ones.. Awww... This is sweet..
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards a more sensual and moist expression, like glosses or luminous colors that reflect light.
SIGNS : Pisces (basically imaginative, compassionate, and idealistic), Cancer (basically loving, imaginative, and cautious), and Scorpio (basically self-sufficient, passionate, and secretive).

So, what sign are you?

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Friday, 23 September 2016

UTM Equine Club 🐎🐎🐎🎠🏇

One of the horses that UTM Equine Park owned. Wuuuu đŸ‡

     This is my first year as a student in UTM. I had the HODOH-est pic as my gambar kad matrik. And I got the least liked subject as my major. And I got dumped with literally no one I knew (again - since the last time I ended in unknown place is when I am in matriculation but then that turned out super well but that's another story) in this K9-10 college... because basically most people I knew were placed in the other side of UTM - which truth to be said is in another world  - and we (K9-10 community) lived quite terperuk from the outside world (mostly it is because of its geography factor) and goings-on at centerpoint and the other colleges and basically only know kita-kita jer lah.  Hahaha okay, enough memburukkan nama K9-10...

     So, I had decided to join a few clubs..  A few lah sangat [roll eyes] padahal dalam dua kelab je hahaha! And one of it is UTM-EC - UTM Equine Club 🎠. Y'all, I got to pegang real horses, you know!!! Aku rasa dah naik juling sekejap kot biji mata aku time nampak kuda2 tu dalam stable (batak kan? Padahal kuda tu still dalam stable je pun. Hahaha) That feeling was like ;


     These horses are soooo adorable - Eventhough some of them likes to bite on our outstretched hands and fingers (mind your hands and fingers , people). I even got the chance to groom them in that first club meeting + kuda class. So I had learnt some of the grooming tools like soft brush / body brush, hard brush / dandy brush, curry brush / comb, pick (hoof pick) and oh not to forget, sikat rambut (to comb the horse's hair and tail).

     Yeah, I know that I am such a batak bila dapat face-to-face dengan real horses.. But, who cares! This is my first experience dealing with horses hahahha! Well, not everyone is born with a silver spoon, kan? Not everyone can find horse / horses in front of their courtyard.. Hahaha! Perumpamaan mengarut jap. Memang tak ada kena mengena pun hahaha.

P/S : I had added a new ambition to my heavenly wish list ; To ride a brown stallion while wearing a bloodstained silver armor and holding a bloodstained sword! EPIC!

PP/S : On second thought, I think I have to change that TOO EPIC + bloodstained ambition of bloodstained me riding a brown stallion ---- to another purer ambition. So, I had think of riding a pastel purple unicorn on fluffy cloudszz while eating yam flavoured ice-cream and listening to Jen Wood hahahha! Classic, ain't?

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Awak tahu tak saya comel ?

Picture courtesy from Google. Kathleen Lights with her collections of liquid lipsticks.. You can find her in her Youtube Channel

     Tajuk post yang gila. Yes, I am aware of that, thank you readers berry much muah I love you till the end of time. Dan sangat tak bererti. Yes, I am aware of that thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time, love. I'm being uber cliche. Yes, I am also aware of it thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time. Hehehe!

     So, the other day I got a brand new liquid lipstick. It's from Anastasia Beverly  Heels  Hills with code : Heathers. And another other day, I ordered from this girl two types of liquid lipsticks from Kylie Lip Kit, code : Kourt K and King K. Yeayy!!

     Eventhough I think that my lipstick enthusiasm had gone over the top recently since the liquid lipsticks start to make its way to the world (OMG they're so pretty I can't stand to just watch it on the stands so I have to buy some samples from each brand hahahahahaha)..

     And to me, just buying some branded lipsticks is not exactly what you would call as pembaziran, as long as you know how to spend the money, and make sure just to buy SOME instead of ALL shades of lipsticks (because I know that I won't be using all those shades. There will always be those shades that I don't really like and won't be using it forever and ever again. So, choose wisely.) and where to get the lowest price, of absolute best quality.

P/S : Personally, I prefer to wear the ordinary lipsticks when going to non-event events (where the heck did I have the idea of creating that term?) in comparison to liquid lipsticks.

PP/S : Tajuk post memang tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan post ni hahaha! Btw, haritu I got the chance to have breakfast kat medan selera area pasar pagi kat Taman U (I think), Johor Bahru. And all I can say is that, I liked the food! The food there is tantalizingly delicious!

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Pencarian Bloglist September & October 2016 : AisyaAzman!

     This is my second time joining a segment. When I clicked her blog, I instantly liked her way of decorating it. Hewhewhew... So, I decided to join her segment and be a follower in her bloggggggg...

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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Picture courtesy from Google. 

     Ever heard of it? From what I understand, it is basically an INSPIRATION TO BECOME THIN. Like, the unhealthy thin. Anorexic thin. Bulimic thin. Yeah, you got the picture, right? The exact version of what I would call as a 'walking corpse?'. Hahahahaha okay, it's a joke but whatever...

     Personally, I think this is a stupid, fucked up, suicidal idea. To be as skinny like a skeleton? I find this idea is horrifying.

     I mean, to show your bones protruding from your skin? Very unhealthy. Doing this could even lead to organ dysfunction (logically)! Why do you want to be so thin? The sight of it is really creepy - honestly.

     The best way of becoming slimmer is to be fit. Do workouts, eat healthy, etc... Besides, it will get you hot body 😚 Don't starve yourself... Be good to your body, people.

P/S : Maybe if you want to be slimmer and afraid of eating too much food when food is presented, or maybe you are just too lazy to do workouts, you should fast. Fasting is the best diet ever.. And it is totally healthy!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to smile ă‚·

     To put on a smiley face is actually relatively easy.. Just follow this simple step(s) to get you smiling :

1) Smile.

     See? It is easy! Hahahahahaha but it does feel good to smile kan? Even for just a moment, all the problems around you seem to disappear... It is hard to think of all those problems when we are smiling. According to psychology, forcing a smile can help you to feel relaxed - even if it is for just a split second. So, cuba kalau kita senyum sincerely all day, the world must seem to be A LOT better.

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Wrecking Brain đŸ’€

Gambar adalah hiasan semata-mata. Picture courtesy from Google.
     Currently am wrecking my brain in search of  topics to share and henceforth increase my blog's pageviews. 

     Come to think of it, maybe I should write about my past experiences [I should write about my matriculation friends and roommates as I had literally promised them, but my sentimental side hasn't come up yet], or my previous travelings [I haven't have much travelings to go with and besides, I am no photographer] or maybe those WORDLESS _____DAY them bloggers been going on about when they have nothing to write.

     So, I'll go with the WORDLESS ____DAY them bloggers had been going on .


Picture courtesy from Google.

     Yesterday, I started watching Death Note - I know dia dah lama keluar and dah completed lama dah pun but I am still a newbie to this manganime (mange + anime . I just the term I created. Please do not use IRL as people would not understand) world. Btw, it is me who's watching đŸ˜š so BLAST OFF! Hahahaha! 
P/S : I like the story so far... Best gilerrrr 😂 I'm UHBSESSED! 
PP/S : I added emoji pack on my chrome đŸ˜™đŸ˜™đŸ˜™ uhuhuhuhu batak sekejap đŸ˜č

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Faceup : Mad Matte

Picture courtesy from Google. Btw, ain't she lovely?

     Mad Matte!!! Matte lipstick had recently boom out fashion trend it seems. Is matte good?

     In my opinion, matte lipstick is most suitable with women with pouty lips or plump ones [Kim K, Kylie kind of lips] as it brings out the shape of the lips MAGNIFICENTLY, as I would say. But, I really don't like it when people with thin lips wear it. Somewhat, i think that their lips is sinking in their mouth (Gosh! What a horrible brain I got here.. Biarlah diorang nak pakai apa pun.. Why should I care??  I really should stop scrutinizing people in my head).. But, yeah.. I like it better if they wear satin, or maybe butter, or maybe the usual glossy ones. If you want colours so much, pick the pigmented ones lah.. Dah banyak jual dah sekarang kan.. Seriously, pigmented lipstick [even without matte finish] looks great!

     Another opinion of mine, matte lipstick is a drying lipstick - unless you buy the semi-matte one lah. So, make sure you moisturize your lips enough before applying matte lipsticks. For me, I usually apply lip balm every night before I go to sleep. It kinda helps moisturize your lips for the day, though.. 

P/S : I added Milani's Amore Matte Lip Creme, Jordana's Sweet Creme Liquid Lipstick and Anastasia Liquid Lipstick (I don't know the specific name) to my wishlist hahaha
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Friday, 29 July 2016

Nice Pakcik Burger

Picture courtesy from Google

     What's with Pakcik Burger? Just another misc post from me. I just liked them and the way they treated their customers. Unlike budak-budak muda yang banyak cakap, with meaningless flirting and burger yang tak sedap, these pakcik-pakcik burger is super friendly and yang paling penting, their burger is delicious!! 

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P/S : My phone broke.. I'm so sad T T

PP/S : I want to make a banner for my blog. Just for fun, though..

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Matrikulasi #2 (Rindu SMKBBST?)

Picture courtesy from Google

     Rindu sekolah menengah? I hardly ever made any memories in that school. It felt lifeless there.. I felt life just befun when I went to matriculation.

     Heck! I don't even miss my friends (best friends) there. Don't get me wrong, I just don't miss them very much because they all live nearby. So I can just go to their house or hanging out with them whenever we decide to. It is not a big of a deal, right?

     But with matriculation friends, they all live far away from you. Nak jumpa pun susah kan... Especially if you got the case yang sama macam aku, where you were dumped in an unknown place (in my case it's KMNS) alone with no one you know. Basically you will feel at least a bit terrified of making new friends since all those people around you already have their own clique and did not want to make room to new people. Hahaha sad life, but it's real. Unless you are some crazy super hipster with cute and glowing faces and have the aura of fame and fortune.

     The first friend you will be making when you were alone in an unknown place would be of course, your roommate! Well, ask anyone in this world  the same question and they probably would give the same answer. This is because, they are the closest people you can get when you were alone. You would probably hate that roommate later for some reason but they are all you got at that time.  Beggars can't be choosers, right? Fyi, I don't have big troubles with my roommates.

     Later in matriculation, you will make friends with your classmates as you get to know them and somewhat love them all [or maybe most of them or maybe some of them I don't know because I don't really have trouble with them]. They are the ones who helps you through your tough times.. They are the ones that be your shining armor when you needed protection.. They are the ones who let their shoulders for you to cry on.. They are the ones with everything! Well, let's just say that they complete your life in every good way possible.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bluffer ladies

Picture courtesy from Google. 

P/S : The picture above has nothing to do with this entry. I put it there because they got ramai team members hahaha #jangankecamsaya
     Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.  Terlebih dahulu, saya ingin mengucapkan 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' kepada muslimin dan muslimat di luar sana yang masih lagi menyambut hari raya ini (technically we are still in Syawal month, so that means I am not too late to wish). 

I made this myself. Sorry if its not that pretty.. I I am not a professional graphic designer T_T #jangankecamsaya

     Moving on to my real topic, bluffer ladies - according to me, is the ladies / women who bluff. Hahaha! 

     Everyone bluffs - true. Everyone have something they want to keep hidden from the world - also true. But these bluffing ladies' case is the worst (at least to me). I am not talking about the bluff where people cheat when playing that card game (I don't remember what it is called. Poker? No, not poker. It is something else.. I'll figure it out later pfft). I am talking about the bluff when people cheat to other people.

      A trivia to you, I think I am one of the bluffer ladies. Hohoho! Have a good  solid day, minna-san.

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sofia The First : Princess Ivy's case

Sofia The First : The Curse Of Princess Ivy. Picture courtesy from Google

      Ever since I watched this episode that shows this evil Princess Ivy, I wondered what is the case (in elaborate detail) that makes her banished in a deserted isle. I get it that she wants to outthrone (I don't know if that is a word but I still am gonna use it) her elder sister which Ivy thinks is not qualified enough to be the ruler of that kingdom and therefore tries to maybe kill her or something? 

      But my point is, it would be pretty cool if Disney decided to make a movie about Princess Ivy. I mean, this would be a nice turn of event lah kan hahaha. Ye lah, all the other Disney Princesses all are do-goodies, heroes, perfect wife material, and all good and fairy-taley stuffs. Ivy would be a nice villain Disney Princess! How cool it would be if Disney decided to make a movie of Ivy...

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Princess Ivy. Picture courtesy from Google

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

To time travel...

Courtesy from Google

     The idea of travelling through time... Originally proposed by Albert Einstein, then proven by Stephen Hawking. We CAN actually travel in time! Well, I actually am one of many people who simply doesn't believe in such things. I mean, how can time travel is even possible? It is just absurd! We live in the present. That means, we can't just go back in time OR go meet our future self by getting on some ridiculous machines (that's right people, I am no fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Star whatever-I-don't-care-I-don't-know and all sci-fi movies which shows time travelling things)!

     Yesterday, I watched a documentary with my 11 year-old brother titled GENIUS BY STEPHEN HAWKING in either National Geographic or Discovery Science (I don't remember which one but I think it is Nat Geo) channel. Anyways, it turned out that yesterday's topic was about this time travelling thing. It goes like Hawking wants to show the world that we CAN TIME TRAVEL. 

     And, yes it really happened! Time travelling REALLY exists!! Just not in the way we always think it would be. It seems that we actually experience this when we travel away from our gravity's centre. The higher the altitude, the more likely we are to experience time travelling. 

     In that documentary, one volunteer is assigned to be in a hotel at some lower ground (which later act as the base height) while two volunteers are assigned to drive up a hill which about 9,091 feet high above  the hotel. All of them are equipped with atomic clock (which has the most accuracy than our usual clock and the likely to go wrong is hardly).. 

     Later that night, these volunteers just do whatever they want and the next day, all of the volunteers brought the atomic clocks to some research centre. Then, both atomic clocks (the one at the hotel and the one at the hill top) were compared and the difference in time was counted. 

     The result was, time recorded by the atomic clock on the hill top is moving slower than the one at the hotel by few nanoseconds. This shows at the hill top, we actually are in the future! And the people at the hotel is the past even by few nanosecs! This is an awesome finding!

P/S : There are theories by NASA regarding The Black Hole being some kind of an agent for time travel. Could it be true?

The Black Hole. Picture courtesy from Google

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Segmen Blogwalking #1 by

      This my first time joining a Segment... I do it mainly because I saw everybody been doing it so I guess I want to give it a try. In one of her conditions, she stated that she wants us to follow her Instagram account. But, unfortunately I have no Instagram account. So I just follow her blogger account.
P/S : Pardon me Miss Syahidah Fadilah, but I truly have no Instagram account :(

     So, I hope I will be one of the chosen few to be selected in her bloglist [emoji ketawa sampai keluar air mata]

[Not So] Breaking News : T. Swift is with Tom Hiddleston now??!


     Okay, so I just knew that T. Swift is now dating Tom Hiddleston. To me, this is SHOCKING because she just broke up with Calvin Harris. Come on people! It is JUST MERE WEEKS since they broke up and now she dated my Loki! I'm like "Dat b*tch just dated my Loki???" What a b*tchy assh*le!  

     At first, I couldn't believe this rumor so I googled it and Voila! I found the article!! So, I read the whole article and just laugh hysterically till it is time to check my twitter page [emoji ketawa sampai keluar ayaq mata] and cari lagi kat Twitter about this T. Swift and my Loki [emoji ketawa sampai keluar ayaq mata] sampai lah I decided to watch The Conjuring 2 that aku paused semalam due to ketakutan tahap menara Eiffel.

Courtesy from The Sun

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Believe me. I've tried :'(

     Greetings, earthlings! Believe me, I have been trying to find that follow button (like about more than the past less than 4 months XD) EVERYWHERE but all I could find is just the Google+ follow button. Where is that button??? Somebody please help me :'( Or is it just my eyes playing trick on me so that I will gain no followers for eternity?! I wonder...

     This is super-duper messed up! Last but not least, believe me, people, that I've tried...

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

This Lip Balm saves my lips!!

I love this lip balm so much! It keeps my lips moist for the whole day. I only apply it every night before I go to sleep and then for the day, I just apply whatever lipstick or lip tint that I like without worrying about cracking lips ahahah!

Btw, I am new to this blogger app and so I don't really know how to insert images to posts (still exploring) and also due to some minor injuries my phone had to endure XD so I really had some difficulty in sorting out the buttons whatever

P/S : I use this dark-green-coloured mentholathum brand lip balm....

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Friday, 13 May 2016

The Blue Apple

     Today my little brother, Luqman is hungry. So he asked me to go find something for him to eat. I don't know why but it just slipped my mouth to say "Take the blue apple in the fridge." Then I was like "Ehh, what blue apple? What did I just say." So I thought that was somewhat a hilarious incident because it is a rare incident. Well, people won't normally say "Go and eat BLUE APPLE. It is in the fridge" hahahahah sooo random I know. The point is, it doesn't happen every day.

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That's Luqman for you. He's cute, ain't he?

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Unsung Heroes

     It is my greatest ambition to be one of the UNSUNG HEROES.. According to online dictionary, an unsung hero is a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution OR a person whose bravery is unknown or not acknowledged.

     I think this is the most noble of a job one could find. It doesn't require interviews, special mutant superpowers, and even fit bodice.. All it needs is just sheer willpower to inspire other people into doing things they fear, things they didn't feel so comfortable of doing in public, things that they thought is absurd, and all kinds of things other people feels insecure with.

    And these people usually helps in some way where other people would rarely give thought about it. That is why these people are rarely celebrated and often ignored. But then, to me, these kinds of people has the most purest of hearts a human could have asked for. These people finds happiness in other people's happiness. They likes it when the people they helped somehow managed to smile and be happy and above all, they know that they are the backbones of the happiness.

     And usually, these people have their own battles to be fought, but then they somehow managed to help other people to fight their battle despite their OWN battles.. And to do this, surely it needs some great inner strength to keep smiling and inspire people. They would always appears to be having a complete good happy life with no worries and keeps helping people in whatever way they could. They would take the blame completely if the people they helped is not being happy and would do anything to keep the person happy.

     To wrap this issue, I think that these people are the ones that should be celebrated most and the ones we should be aiming to be. Btw, happy belated mothers' and teachers' day! Hahaha

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Forever First Formal (kind of) Dinner

Today, this night, 10 May 2016, is the first time ever I went to a dinner. As in in-a-5-star-hotel dinner. God! I swear I had creeped myself out for trying to figure out a dress for the dinner!!! Well, actually it wasn't quite an effort since I was watching television all day long while figuring what to wear tonight 😄 And at the end, I just wear whatever I think would suit me best and at the same time, would be suitable for the dinner. Since no special theme is placed (it is actually a small dinner with delegations or whatever from Sabah so it is not really a big of a deal to put a theme though.. And I think if they put a theme, it would look insanely ridiculous. Muahaha), so I decided to wear a chiffon crepe black long skirt (or so they called) that I bought during my matriculation and I paired it with an abstract-printed blue blouse and a deep red chiffon shawl and to top it all of, I wore a pair of black leather boots. Haha! Simple enough right? Well, let's just say that I am a simple girl when it comes to fashion styles but I think I still look good in it. Hahah! Gotta have some confidence in ourselves đŸ’Ș
Anyways, the hotel is magnificent (as ecpected of a 5-star hotel 💁) and the food is absolute delicacy 🙌 Since the chances of eating  dining in some 5-star hotel comes like maybe some once in a lifetime opportunity, I certainly goes all 'batak' when I saw thise food. Btw. Sorry I didn't really took pictures of the food. Well, I don't really want to creep those Sabah men that shares the same table with me (also, there is  this one man that is kinda old-fashioned, so he doesn't really likes what the modern-day teenagers are doing with their foods.. e.g : taking pictures before you eat). And, I also is not the type to always go snapping pictures of my food. I think it is better if you just savor the whole thing and keep some mental pictures of the food so that you will appreciate the food more the next time you found it! Hah! It also is some kind of memory exercise? Or so I thought..
Okay, so overall I thought all those food are delicious. I even got to take some home (I know this is kinda cliche but this is my life and I don't dwell in your life so just let me live my life the way I felt like it)!

The Ultimatum! The restroom selfie! Hahaha! Gosh, I really look fat in that pic.. . But never to worry, I am not that chubby in real life (Gotta have some self-confidence đŸ’Ș)

Kay, till next post!

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Hi I'm new

So this will be my place for online-diarying... And I will personally treat this blog like a diary. Means, I'll be sharing my thoughts, posting random diary things and do whatever a girl likes with her diary.. hahah so bye for now. Till my next post?