Friday, 30 September 2016

Faceup : Zodiac Signs - Makeup

     I love things about zodiac. I felt like they really show us some of our personalities, generally. Eventhough I felt like some of those things are quite unlogical and are superstitious, but I just love to read / hear / watch things about zodiacs. Especially Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, and Sagittarius. 

     Today, I had found a video on YouTube about ASTROLOGY-INSPIRED MAKEUP. Somehow, I found that video is an interesting topic - basically because it is about makeup and zodiac combined hahaha.

     Let's just not waste anymore time. So, what zodiac has to say about your makeup looks? Let's see...


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Social, rational, and loves communications and relationships with other people. They are thinkers, friendly, intellect, communicative, and analytical. Loves philosophical discussions, social gatherings, and good books. They likes to give advice, but BEWARE! They can also be so superficial. Hurm, no comment.
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards more experimental makeup and more unique colors, like purple or blue. 
SIGNS : Aquarius (basically original, intellectual, and unpredictable), Gemini (basically inquisitive, versatile, and charming), and Libra (basically social, diplomatic, and flirtatious).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Earth-ies are 'bound-to-earth' - always have their heads down low to the ground.. Seorang yang tak mudah lupa daratan lah giteww. And they are the ones that brings us down to earth. They're mostly conservative and realistic, but sometimes can be so emotional. They are practical, loyal, stable and they stick by their people through hard times. Wow, so simple and pure these earth-ies, don't they?
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards more of a natural expression of colors, more to earth tones and neutral colors. 
SIGNS : Taurus (basically reliable, determined, and faithful), Virgo (basically shy, modest, and practical), and Capricorn (basically ambitious, disciplined, and patient).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Tends to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental. They gets angry quickly but then easily subsided. They're adventurous with lotsa energy. They're physically strong and are a source of inspiration for others. They are also intelligent, self-aware, creative and idealistic. They are always ready for action! Hurm, very charismatic, eh?
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards brighter bold colors, such as red.
SIGNS : Aries (basically courageous, confident, and impulsive), Leo (basically creative, independent, and loyal), and Sagittarius (basically honest, philosophical, and adventurous).


CHARACTERISTIC(S) : Exceptionally emotional and ultra-sensitive. They are highly intuitive and some are very mysterious. Water signs loves profound convos and intimacy. They rarely do anything openly and are always there to support their loved ones.. Awww... This is sweet..
MAKE-UP LOOKS : Lean towards a more sensual and moist expression, like glosses or luminous colors that reflect light.
SIGNS : Pisces (basically imaginative, compassionate, and idealistic), Cancer (basically loving, imaginative, and cautious), and Scorpio (basically self-sufficient, passionate, and secretive).

So, what sign are you?

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Friday, 23 September 2016

UTM Equine Club 🐎🐎🐎🎠🏇

One of the horses that UTM Equine Park owned. Wuuuu 🏇

     This is my first year as a student in UTM. I had the HODOH-est pic as my gambar kad matrik. And I got the least liked subject as my major. And I got dumped with literally no one I knew (again - since the last time I ended in unknown place is when I am in matriculation but then that turned out super well but that's another story) in this K9-10 college... because basically most people I knew were placed in the other side of UTM - which truth to be said is in another world  - and we (K9-10 community) lived quite terperuk from the outside world (mostly it is because of its geography factor) and goings-on at centerpoint and the other colleges and basically only know kita-kita jer lah.  Hahaha okay, enough memburukkan nama K9-10...

     So, I had decided to join a few clubs..  A few lah sangat [roll eyes] padahal dalam dua kelab je hahaha! And one of it is UTM-EC - UTM Equine Club 🎠. Y'all, I got to pegang real horses, you know!!! Aku rasa dah naik juling sekejap kot biji mata aku time nampak kuda2 tu dalam stable (batak kan? Padahal kuda tu still dalam stable je pun. Hahaha) That feeling was like ;


     These horses are soooo adorable - Eventhough some of them likes to bite on our outstretched hands and fingers (mind your hands and fingers , people). I even got the chance to groom them in that first club meeting + kuda class. So I had learnt some of the grooming tools like soft brush / body brush, hard brush / dandy brush, curry brush / comb, pick (hoof pick) and oh not to forget, sikat rambut (to comb the horse's hair and tail).

     Yeah, I know that I am such a batak bila dapat face-to-face dengan real horses.. But, who cares! This is my first experience dealing with horses hahahha! Well, not everyone is born with a silver spoon, kan? Not everyone can find horse / horses in front of their courtyard.. Hahaha! Perumpamaan mengarut jap. Memang tak ada kena mengena pun hahaha.

P/S : I had added a new ambition to my heavenly wish list ; To ride a brown stallion while wearing a bloodstained silver armor and holding a bloodstained sword! EPIC!

PP/S : On second thought, I think I have to change that TOO EPIC + bloodstained ambition of bloodstained me riding a brown stallion ---- to another purer ambition. So, I had think of riding a pastel purple unicorn on fluffy cloudszz while eating yam flavoured ice-cream and listening to Jen Wood hahahha! Classic, ain't?

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Awak tahu tak saya comel ?

Picture courtesy from Google. Kathleen Lights with her collections of liquid lipsticks.. You can find her in her Youtube Channel

     Tajuk post yang gila. Yes, I am aware of that, thank you readers berry much muah I love you till the end of time. Dan sangat tak bererti. Yes, I am aware of that thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time, love. I'm being uber cliche. Yes, I am also aware of it thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time. Hehehe!

     So, the other day I got a brand new liquid lipstick. It's from Anastasia Beverly  Heels  Hills with code : Heathers. And another other day, I ordered from this girl two types of liquid lipsticks from Kylie Lip Kit, code : Kourt K and King K. Yeayy!!

     Eventhough I think that my lipstick enthusiasm had gone over the top recently since the liquid lipsticks start to make its way to the world (OMG they're so pretty I can't stand to just watch it on the stands so I have to buy some samples from each brand hahahahahaha)..

     And to me, just buying some branded lipsticks is not exactly what you would call as pembaziran, as long as you know how to spend the money, and make sure just to buy SOME instead of ALL shades of lipsticks (because I know that I won't be using all those shades. There will always be those shades that I don't really like and won't be using it forever and ever again. So, choose wisely.) and where to get the lowest price, of absolute best quality.

P/S : Personally, I prefer to wear the ordinary lipsticks when going to non-event events (where the heck did I have the idea of creating that term?) in comparison to liquid lipsticks.

PP/S : Tajuk post memang tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan post ni hahaha! Btw, haritu I got the chance to have breakfast kat medan selera area pasar pagi kat Taman U (I think), Johor Bahru. And all I can say is that, I liked the food! The food there is tantalizingly delicious!

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Pencarian Bloglist September & October 2016 : AisyaAzman!

     This is my second time joining a segment. When I clicked her blog, I instantly liked her way of decorating it. Hewhewhew... So, I decided to join her segment and be a follower in her bloggggggg...

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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Picture courtesy from Google. 

     Ever heard of it? From what I understand, it is basically an INSPIRATION TO BECOME THIN. Like, the unhealthy thin. Anorexic thin. Bulimic thin. Yeah, you got the picture, right? The exact version of what I would call as a 'walking corpse?'. Hahahahaha okay, it's a joke but whatever...

     Personally, I think this is a stupid, fucked up, suicidal idea. To be as skinny like a skeleton? I find this idea is horrifying.

     I mean, to show your bones protruding from your skin? Very unhealthy. Doing this could even lead to organ dysfunction (logically)! Why do you want to be so thin? The sight of it is really creepy - honestly.

     The best way of becoming slimmer is to be fit. Do workouts, eat healthy, etc... Besides, it will get you hot body 😚 Don't starve yourself... Be good to your body, people.

P/S : Maybe if you want to be slimmer and afraid of eating too much food when food is presented, or maybe you are just too lazy to do workouts, you should fast. Fasting is the best diet ever.. And it is totally healthy!

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