Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Christmas BBW Haul

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Aku student.
Always been broke (inside and out) muahahaha.
Tapi got quite some taste in expensive stuff.
No, I'm not materialistic just suka some mahal stuffs. Sikit laaa. Tak semua barang mahal is worth buying and worshipped kan?

Bagi aku, Disember is all about Christmas vibes,
and birthday adik aku yang selalunya aku akan wish lewat sehari muahahaha.
Oh, and also, Year End Sale YES.
Aandd, ni cerita Disember 2017. Kalau rasa malas nak baca, close je blog aku. No hard feelings keyh.

My haul?
Tak haul mana pun lahh kot sebab aku beli 3 barang tu harga tak sampai RM100 HAHAHAHA
To be exact, dalam RM80 jugaklah barang-barang aku tu.
Well, dah cakap, aku student, and aku broke, so 80 pun aku dah rasa macam nak pengsannnn masa nak bayar.
Aku nak makan apa lepas ni? Me cannot survive with roti for sebulann. That's torture hahaha.

aku bukan jenis yang sanggup sacrifice beauty products dengan duit makanan.
In fact, benda apa aku beli pun, semua aku tak sanggup nak gadai dengan duit makanan.
Tak kesahhh makanan hispter ke tak hipster, aku nak makan jugakkk apa yang aku nak makan!
Luckily, taste aku dalam makanan tak berapa nak high-end kahkahkah.

1. Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling cuz he's drunk and alone (hand sanitizer)
2. Don't let him in, you'll have to kick him out again (shimmer body mist)
3. Don't be his friend, you know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning (shower gel)
If you're under him, you ain't getting over him 

     As time flies by (walaupun tak lama mana pun gahahaha), I've forgotten the respective prices for each items. So, don't ask. Beeteedubbs, in case you might want to know more about Bath & Body Works and their products, go to 

Postscript 2 : Sorry for the weirdly-edited pics. I am too lazy to work more on editing these pics rn hahaha. I'll be sure to improve the next time I post about hauls and make sure I am in a good mood when posting. Me is hungry. Me is wanting fooddddddd.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Not a Review : Coco

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     Disini, saya ingin menyuarakan ketidakpuasan hati saya pada reviu yang diberikan untuk muvi ini. Coco. A very heart-warming movie. One that I would say, is quite special and is something that is quite different from the rest of most Disney movies ever created. But why dia tak diberikan perhatian yang to me sewajarnya dia dapat? Is it sebab characters dalam tu semua tak lawa tak handsome macam Elsa and the usual Disney characters? Well, that's real life, ain't it? Tak semua benda indah and tak semestinya benda yang indah tu cantik dan menyejukkan mata hahaha. Btw, sorry for Elsa fans kalau anda tersinggung. Sis is means no harm XD

     Anyways, most times, we have to train ourselves to see beauty in everything we see, everything we deal with, in our surroundings etc. Well, for beauty is found within. At least, that's what the Enchantress in Beauty and the Beast had said hahah. To me it meant that there's beauty in everything and everyone, even if all we see with our naked eyes is benda tu tak cantik and tak special mana pun. To be able to see beauty within, see with mata hati. Don't ever mati hati. Mati hati, matilah jiwa. Kahkah! Bapakkk menyimpang dari Coco wehh! Hahahahaha. Sorry folks. 

     Kayy, back to Coco. It is depicted in a village in Mexico on the day the Mexicans called Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) where it is the only day where spirits of the dead can pass through a bridge from the spirit realm to the living world to visit their relatives and those who remember them as long as their photo(s) are put on an ofrenda. The star of this movie is Miguel, a boy who comes from a family of shoemakers for generations and whose family is against music. Miguel, unfortunately, has an enthusiasm for music. Miguel has been admiring a musician called Ernesto de la Cruz, a famous figure during his time for his many hit songs especially Remember Me, before his tragic death (lol). 

     The plot seems simple kan? Well, try tengok dulu. Memang plot dia simple tauuu, tapi somehow benda tu kinda berjaya sentuh hati most people yang tengok cerita tu. Tengok tu kalau boleh dengar sekali dengan audio yang paling kuat untuk kepuasan berganda hahaha. Btw in case korang nak download the same way I did, click HERE, on hdpopcorns. To me it's one of the easiest website to download free movies in HD buat masa sekarang. Btw, another insight on Coco, which adds the beauty of the movie, the settings in this movie provides insights on Dia De Los Muertos (a culture we have little knowledge in [especially meleissss lol] ), and on Mexico generally and it's culture itself! Which, jarang lah jugak kita nak tengok exactly how and what is the beauty of negara-negara Amerika Selatan. Biasa sebelum ni pun yang ada, depicts on the wild side yang most of its people that's living in corruption and blablabla.hahaha kay2 guwauuuu jakk lah.

     Back to ketidakpuasan aku, me is tak puas hati, kenapa cerita ni tak dapat sambutan yang memberangsangkan dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia? Underrated sikit kat sini kenn. Is it because of the stereotypingss yang kata cartoons is for kids and stuffs. Well, it's just that, sometimes cartoons just have it's own nilai murni especially nilai kekeluargaan. Well, tak dinafikan jugak ada je cartoons yang tak berapa nak tunjuk nilai murni tu kan. but that doesn't mean kita perlu tolak / bash semua cartoons atas sebab tu je kan? Like everything in this world, some are good and some are bad. Ada jugak yang few are good and most prefers bad but hey, that's life! Kita hidup kat dunia ni memang semua penuh dengan ketidakpuasan, just how you choose to see the world determines what kind of person you are. Wow, talk about ranting women. Sheesh. I certainly am good at cakap benda yang tak ada kaitan dengan tajuk XD

Postscript : Another movie yang aku sentiasa fikir yang masa tengah tengok Coco is The Book Of Life. Except The Book Of Life ni tekankan abt love laa. But basically to me Coco dengan The Book Of Life kinda has the same base kahkahkah

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