Thursday, 8 June 2017

33 S.E.L.F T.R.I.V.I.A

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. Btw, I am apologizing on my behalf atas my entahapeape-ness. I just love to do puns! Sorry awal-awal yunks.

     Because I am sucha typical girl and likes to do typical girly stuffzz, so I decided to do some girly trivia via questions proposed by THIS WEBSITE. If I am ever so rajin, I assure you that I will answer the whole questions proposed. But as it turns out, rite now imma feelin' real slothy and can't wait to get back to snuggling atas my comfortish bed (as much comfort as katil kat kolej afford to give la WHICH is not much comfort but who cares duhh) and sambung baca my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book - potterhead detected. Without further ado, lets get back to business shall we?

Q1. What are your DOB.
Ans : I have three DOBs as it turns out. 18th of April as I put in my Facebook account, 24th of July as what I always been telling people if they ask me when is my dob, and my only and real birthday is, in my Identity Card. Sorry can't give personal infos sesuka hati. Susah nak percaya zaman sekarang ni haih. hahaha. *talk about random paranoia*

Q2. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for, and why.
Ans : 1. End World Hunger! 2. my own library comprised of unlimited supply of books of my likings #nerdetected , with cutting-edge habitable building design, high-tech security, beach view, and no one is to enter unless they got my permission hahaha 3. Unlimited supply of monehh in ma bank so dat i ken buy iphone 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  to infinity and beyond.

Q3. Has any movie, or book made a huge impact on you? 
Ans : Nope and no.

Q4. What is your biggest pet peeves.
Ans : When imma in really bad mood, every single thing is annoying. When imma in ma meutral / happy mode - no bluffin' but everything is unicorns and rainbows. Truly tho.

Q5. Do you ever have an imaginary friend as a child.
Ans : Luckily, nope. Phew.

Q6. Have you ever thought, even for one second, that Hogwarts was real.
Ans : As fellow potterhead, I believe it IS real *at least its real in my Riddikulus head*. Oh btw the Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor house. P/s: to be able to know your Hogwarts house, do visit . You can also know your patronus, your Ilvermorny house (I got into the house of healers - the Pukwudgie house) and also your wand.

Q7. Have you ever fallen for a character in a movie? Which one.
Ans : None. Null. Nope.  Good lord so far i am spared from the shame of falling for non-existal movie character. And i hope it stays haha

Q8. Have you ever wanted to lie about your age? When.
Ans : Whenever i feel like it. Cuz why not..

Q9. Have you fallen for someone by just talking to them over the phone.
Ans :
HavE YOu FalLeN FoR SomEoNe By JuSt TaLkIng To ThEM oVer ThE pHoNe

Q10. After watching Twilight, do you like vampires more, or werewoles.
Ans : Never watched it. Though I saved it in my laptop. Dunno when nak menengoknya tu hahahahehehehohoho

Q11. Do you like singing in the shower.
Ans : Unfortunately i am not dat gal. I dun sing in the shower. I sing wherever i just feel like it. Be it in a library or surau or masjid or bookshop or even atas katil (whenever my roommate is non-existal and i can pretend like i own the place).

Q12. What starsign are you.
Ans : imma scorpio. Now you have a gist of my DOB! Yeay! lol.

Q13. Whats your favourite colour.
Ans : H.O.L.O.G.R.A.M.S rulezzzz ! 

Q14. Do you have any pets.
Ans : nope.

Q15. What does your name mean.
Ans : soft-spoken mary. But apparently i havent live up to my name. yet.

Q16. Do you like reading? Who is your fav author.
Ans : Yes and apparently i hone my english skills thru reading. And movie-ing. J. K. Rowling, Will Hill, Rick Riordan, Anthony Horowitz, James Patterson, David Baldacci and Marie Lu.

Q17. Do you believe in 'love at first sight'.
Ans : yes why not. Anything is possible..

Q18. What types of holidays do you prefer.
Ans : Im not picky about thiz stuffz so whenever i can sleep and eat and sight-seeing is holiday.

Q19. What are you excessively obsessive-compulsive about.

Q20. Which is one rule you are proud of breaking.
Ans : I have always been a rebel to whomever and whatever. So, all rules that have 'do not' in it. 

Q21. If you were a super hero what powers would you have.
Ans : i always have a knack for Professor X's and Magneto's powers. So i shall have both can i?

Q22. What would your hero name be.
Ans : Meatball Martin Luther King Jr. HAHAHAHAH!

Q23. And what outfit would you wear.
Ans : havent think of diz. truly. I have always been the girl who wears anything that I think I will look good in AND those outfits are usually coming from my wardrobe. Yep peeps, I am not really a shopaholic especially when it comes to clothes (but I do have special place for perfumes - especially the one with cute bottles). Sorry, cant seem to enter ur entourage gurlz.

Q24. Which sport are you interested in.
Ans : Archery and horse-riding. I actually had start my lunging session yeay. And to be continued next semester (because this semester is ending and finals IS HERE and i have to concentrate and cramp my brain for finals) and i hope one day i could properly ride a horse and become a horse-rider athlete in UTM.

Q25. In your opinion, which are the most important traits in a man.
Ans : Tahan sabar gila namateyyy as he has to endure unstable me. *typical woman pfftt*

Q26. What can totally impress you.
Ans : Someone plizz buy me cute stuffz i like cute stuffz why u ken buy other gurlz cute stuffz but not me? and i rarely got present (but i do appreciate em when i ever receive one btw) even if its my birthday i think i want to kuatkuasa Christmas in my surroundings so dat i can receive gifts every year.

Q26. Whats your favourite pizza topping.
Ans : beef pepperoni, oh but i love veges too so i can go with just veges on my pizza! Oh and cheese. couldnt leave cheese. Cheese is lyfe.

Q27. Whats your favourite film.
Ans : The Dressmaker, Sweeney Todd - Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Harry Potter [potterhead detected], Pirates of the Carribean, Kingsman The Secret Service, Lord of the Rings, and The Woman In Black.

Q27. What kind of music do you like.
Ans : It depends on my mood. But mostly i just like to hear new songs in Spotify and if its good, i'll recommend it to my friends hahaaa

Q28. Whats your favourite song.
Ans : i answered alreadyyyy. You f-ing deserve the spongebob
WhAts YoUr FavOuRiTe SoNg

Q29. Whats your favourite fastfood chain.
Ans : McDonalds cuz I like bigmac and mcflurrehhhh.

Q30. What animal would you most like as a pet.
Ans : cat and horse.

Q31. Whats your favourite food.
Ans : Since i am rn homesick *tengah dengar lagu raya kat spotify omg*, my favourite food is all food my mom ever cooked. But aku paling rindu sambal goreng version mak aku. Takleh lawan doeh benda tu. Lejen habiss.

Q32. Whats your favourite sport.
Ans : Archery and horse-riding. Duhh, i answered already. Penat aku jawab panjang lebar tadi hurmpfh.

Q33. Have you ever kissed a girl.
Ans : Eww no. Thats kinda disgusting dontcha think?

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