Friday, 9 December 2016

Dude & Death : The Origins

     I had accidentally found a short comic entitled 'Dude & Death : The Origins' in imgur while I was browsing some stock photos and eating Jacob's Hi-Fibre biscuit dipped with Nutella (bcoz that's all I could find in my piles of stok makanan - although it was not at all called 'stok makanan' dah kalau cuma nutella and biskut je yang ada dalam tempat simpanan makanan aku kan 😂). 

     I found this short comic is tediously hilarious! Not to mention it's epicity. hahaha. So, I had decided to capture Part 1 of the comic in this blog for you guys to read. For the rest of it, just click HERE.

 Dude & Death : The Origins [Part 1]

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Viral : Too Much Information Tag

     This is originally created by Liyana Jasmi.  According to Liyana Jasmi, this was originally quite a popular thing in YouTube. So, it has been quite a while is it? I wonder how long have I been living under the rock now hahah. So, I found the questions in this TMI Tag is quite interesting. Save the chitty chat-chat for later. So, I want to try this TMI Tag too.  Here we go..

Q1 : What are you wearing ?
Black shirt with Ghostbusters logo I bought from Uniqlo two years back. Oh, and a black tracksuit with pink stripe.

Q2 : Ever been in love ?
O'course! Imma human being duh

Q3 : Ever had a terrible breakup ?
No I don't want to answer this one no.

Q4 : How tall are you ?
157cm. I am not tall i know 😭 #feelinbad

Q5 : How much do you weigh ?
52kg but that was 3 months back. Yeah aku gemuk I admit #feelinbad

Q6 : Any tattoos ?
Nope but I would love to get one hehehe. Aku nak tattoo of a crow on a dead branch. Hell yeah! #dojudgemeidontcarewhatever

Q7 : Any piercings ?
Nope. Not intending to get one. I am not an accessories-lover of any kind.

Q8 : OTP ?
On The Phone?

Q9 : Fav show(s) ?
The Corny Collins' Show! Kidding. Can I list my fav movies instead? I love Hairspray. Hey, now they're doing this LIVE Hairspray on NBC, right? Huhuhu 👏👏👏 Oh, okay sambung. Aku jugak suka Harry Powder Potter, Lord Of The Ring, Sweeney Todd : Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Pirates Of The Carribean, and some more movies I couldn't remember right now yeah

Q10 : Fav band(s) ?
My brain is jammed.. Sebab banyak sangat band yang aku suka sampai tak tertulis di blog hahaha

Q11 : Something you miss ?
Masakan mak aku. Ibu, nak balik nak makan sambal goreng!

Q12 : Fav song(s) ?
Currently : Hero - Cash Cash ft. Christina Perri,
Beautiful Now - Zedd ft. Jon Bellion,
Glowing In The Dark - The Girl And The Dreamcatcher,
Make You Stay - The Girl And The Dreamcatcher,
Forever And Always : Because Of You - Lana Del Rey,
Cannon in D - Pachabel,
Davy Jones Theme - Hans Zimmer,
Dance Of The Little Swans - Tchaikovsky,
Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers ft. Daya,
Hotaru No Hikari - Ikimono Gakari,
Thinking Of You - Katy Perry,

Q13 : How old are you ?
Umurku rahasia. Shhhhh... *ahaks*

Q14 : Zodiac sign ?
Scorpio daredevil 😈

Q15 : Quality you look for in your partner ?
Asal tahan perangai aku sudaaa... And tahu buat kerja rumah so that nanti bila dah kahwin dia boleh tolong bini dia ni buat kerja rumah.

Q16 : Fav quote(s) ?
I am no servant of no one. I control my life 😎

Q17 : Fav actor(s) ?
Johnny Depp (uhf course. Dia kan memang kegilaan semua orang), Robert Downey Jr, Natalie Portman, Beto Kusyairi.

Q18 : Fav colour(s) ?
Any colours asalkan bukan grey i think.

Q19 : Loud music or soft ?
Soft. I have a serene and fairy-taley heart hahaha. But sometimes I do prefer loud musics tho. But, luckily for me, I tak terjebak lagi dengan dunia heavy metals hahaha.

Q20 : Where do you go when you're sad ?
Aku tidur je lerh pfft.

Q21 : How long does it take you to shower ?
For reals?? Personal gila soalan hahaha. Paling lama pun aku pernah mandi selama 45 minit and yang tu pun mak aku dah bising cakap aku berkubang dalam bilik air hahaha.

Q22 : How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning ?
Depends. Rasa nak melaram, lama jugaklah aku nak siap-siap. Rasa tak kisah nak serabai, 1 minit pun dah ready 😎😎

Q23 : Ever been in a physical fight ?
No. I come in peace, dear hoomans.

Q24 : Turn ons ?
Orang yang suka belai kucing ahaks.

Q25 : Turn offs ?
Acah hebat. Poyos.

Q26 : Reason(s) I joined Blogger ?
Sebab aku suka edit template dia hahaha. Walaupun tak berapa nak reti, tapi aku puas hati dengan hasil dia. Second, is because I need one place where I can share my thoughts. Wordpress? I tried, tapi aku tak faham cara nak guna dia wkwkwk.

Q27 : Fears ?
"Fear for the name implies that your fear is fear itself." Familiar enough? Quote from dear Hermione Granger in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. Hahaha. Nampak tak pengaruh Harry Powder Potter kat aku?

Q28 : Last thing that made you cry ?
I have a simple heart. I see things that touches my heart, I cried. Huhuhu.

Q29 : Last time you said you loved someone ?
To my dearest Teddy Bear.

Q30 : Meaning behind your blog URL ?
I created my blog URL out of random thought. Please don't ask pathetic question like dizz *roll eyes*

Q31 : Last book you read ?
Can't remember the title. Truly.

Q32 : The book you're currently reading ?
Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It's real awesome, uguys.

Q33 : Last show you watched ?
Ao no exorcist ?

Q34 : Last person you talked to ?
My friend. The conversation goes like diz. "Do you want to sleep now? Tutup je lampu. Aku tidur lambat lagi"

Q35 : The relationship between you and the person you last texted ?
My hunny bunny. Dia tengah nak manja-manja (konon 💁) dan aku balas "Nak apa?". And now I guess dia tengah merajuk hahaha.

Q36 : Fav food(s) ?
Anything. I eat lots of things. From vegan foods to regular foods. Oh, and I forevah luhvin McDonald's Big Mac Set. It's my dadah you know 💃

Q37 : Place(s) you want to visit ?
Russia. Japan. China. Aussie.

Q38 : Last place you were ?
My faculty.

Q39 : Do you have a crush ?
Currently nope.

Q40 : Last time you kissed someone ?
In my wet dreamzzz hahahahahahahahahaha C'mon! I'm kidding jer larh.

Q41 : Last time you were insulted ?
Sekolah rendah.

Q42 : Fav flavour of sweets ?
I like whatever my tastebuds seem to like.

Q43 : What instrument(s) do you play ?
I dun play intruments.

Q44 : Fav piece of jewelery/ies ?
Nah. I dun wear nada. I dun prefer those jeweleries to go lilit-lilit my hands and neck and fingers and legs.

Q45 : Last sports you played ?
Futsal. And it was 3 months ago.

Q46 : Last song you sang ?
Anak itik tok wi mandi dalam kolam ♫

Q47 : Fav chat up line ?

Q48 : Have you ever used it ?

Q49 : Last time you hung out with anyone ?
With ma hunny bunny at the arcade.

Q50 : Who should answer these questions next ?
To whoever finds this questionnaire interesting.

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