Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone

Postscript: Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. 

     No, this is not a post to announce that I am quitting blogger or anything alike. I am simply and merely want to express how much I miss blogger and its communities. It has been a long long period of time since my last entry, which is on January 2019. And suffice to say, my last entry (that January entry obv because yea in this year, THAT is my only entry in this blog. Cliche. I knowwww HAHAHA) is not so meaningful yet understandable because IT DOESN'T EVEN HVE A SINGLE POINT I WROTE THAT ENTRY JUST TO RAMBLE WHAT A MESS RITE? But I did not delete or archive that entry because I actually did not want my blog to be looking bare and oh such an inactive user. And for the lack of activity in this blog, I am very very sorry for that  selfish behaviour. 

     Ever since I became actively active in using the Phonto app, and at the same time I also kinda have developing some interest in taking pictures (some are aesthetic nyehehe and some are pretty random and MOST are usually rubbish), then do some tinkering on those pixx using VSCO (I am a noobie trust me the results are not aesthetic I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT AESTHETIC because I mostly tinker with the pixx and use the presets that I DEEMED PRETTY aEsThEtiCc), then add in some rubbish-y kinda like caption using the Phonto app, and then post it on my Instagram Story, I became kinda UHBSESSED with using all the apps. Along with the ever-growin' UhBsEsSiOn on using those mobile apps, I had some time tried to avert my attention to writing some piece inside this blog. But then somehow I just can't seem to pour what's really on my mind on that post. And then sometimes I do write quite long paragraphs already about something, but I just don't think that the piece I am writing is good enough for me to publish it on my blog. Hence these loooong period of inactiveness in this blog. 

     And of course, A LOT has been happening in these months that I have been inactive and that I DO want to share with you guys. And it involves me going to places and taking pixx little bits of here and there and actually I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED AND PART OF ME SCREAMED TO LET IT ALL OUT IN THIS BLOG! Even though I am not much of a traveler and there is only like, two or three places that I went to in this year, and one of them requires passport and the other one, is me having some short trip during my internship period in Selangor. I KNOW IT IS QUITE UNSIGNIFICANT BUT I AM STILL EXCITED TO TELL YOU GUYS ALL ABT IT SO PWEASEEE BE HAPPY FOR ME XD! Yeet!!!

Now playing : All of Alan Walker's Songs because I am generally obsessed with Alan Walker - SoMeOnE bUy Me HiS mErCh - but then what else is new? I am practically obsessed with EDMs  and somehow since early last year Alan Walker has been on the topmost list so I literally and mainly just plays his songs on loop ENDLESSLY. But wait, have I mentioned that I luhved EDMs in previous entry(ies)? If no, then yaa sis! I LUHVE EDM. EDM ARE LYFE. EDM ARE MY SOUL <3 Q : Name me a (some) EDM artist(s) you know in the comment section below! And also, do write also your fav tract(s) from them?