Wednesday, 28 November 2018

"Through A Rapist's Eyes" ft. They Did Surgery On A Grape meme :-D

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     Hey, it's one post for one hella long time since I posted on this blog. Hi. So, regarding the title. The other day, as I was watching some other people's Instagram stories (P/S : I don't usually watch people's IG Stories but this is one of the rare times I did), I saw several different people attributing this article. 

     So I thought it would not waste me a dime to give it a look and maybe giving it a review or some kind. Okay, so first I thought when I was going halfway through the article, I thought this article is really general. But it is kinda helpful. I mean, it might help at least for people to be aware and especially for whamen to be on-guard and carry some precaution steps. Well, we'll never know when these kind of things will happen, right? So, at least when you have something of a precaution items, when somehow you are attacked (not just rape cases but also cases involving attacking and raping etc) you can at least defend yourselves.

     I don't really want to waste your human time by giving out the infos on this post, because I just didn't feel right by doing so. Because somehow when I do that, it just occurred to me, that is some kind of unofficial plagiarism. Well, basically, you copied the whole text from one article, and then you claimed to be a know-it-all by giving all those infos, and these readers, they wouldn't know if the article is really original or not. They will just read, and comment, and worship you more as a blogging-idol. Some writers did leave copyright on the article, at the bottom of their posts, but for some, they did not. 

     Popularity is a petty thing. Yet, it is beautiful. People would go far just for the sake of popularity. That determination to do everything in their willpower to get that piece of personal popularity, is overpowering. Humans, please never underestimate the power of fame and popularity. And open your mind to the corruption of it.

     When I first googled the article, I see many more articles by this title. So, actually this article has been going on for some time, and over time, people decided to do reviews on the article. On why it is bad, on the generalism of the article, on how it is not actually giving out real details, et cetera. So, on my next post, I will be doing my own review on this article. Personally though, I think this is quite an okay article. It gives out a general description on how rapists look for in a victim, and how to evade these things. But yeah, a very general guideline indeed.

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