Monday, 24 December 2018

An Entry before December ends

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. 

     It has been so so so so so long since I being active in this blogging community. I don't know, sometimes I do feel like pledging myself into this community, but sometimes I am just to lazy to think and write a piece. So yeah... Talk about a procrastinator, a sloth, a sleepy-head, and everything in between. But heyy, I can do amazing stuffs to yknow hahahahaha. If only I could just put my head, heart and soul onto it.

     So, this is an entry about recap of the year. But first, I really dislike the ads that cluttered my 'Pretty Footsteps' section. I mean, it is supposed to be filled with the other blogger's footprints (as it's name suggested hahahaha), and not those weird ads. Urghhh I guess that just simply means I just have to be more active in this blogging world and making some visits on other people's blogs and leave my footprints too. Ohh and btw, if you peeps know an app or how to install Emojis for PC, do tell me.. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF IT. MY LIFE IS LIFELESS WITHOUT THOSE EMOJIS ON MY LAPTOP jeihfesjgnrdifskvbj9rjgxhodjv

     Okay, RECAP! Firstly, I would like to talk about how I managed to find myself a partner after months (almost a year) of total breakdown from my last unsuccessful almost-relationship with some stupid guy that dumped me when he found out that his crush is liking him back -_- So yaa, you can say that I am just a mere gal he used just to pass some time -_- Okay, enuf on that guy, now I would like to move on abt my now-partner hehehe. So, he is annoying asf. But yeaa, I LUHVE HIM.

     Next, do you guys know about squishies? So, basically it is kids' toys. And sometimes used by adults as stress-relievers. But for me and some other youth collectors (whom I found in Instagram when I created a spam account for my squishies collection), obviously we are COLLECTING it, and then tangkap gambar cantik-cantik, put in on Instagram, and sometimes main picit-picit those squishies. Yep, I am one of those. I HAVE MAD OBSESSION ON SQUISHIES. Gawd it is just sooooo cute OMG. I really cannot help myself when they squish those cute faces arghhh halp mehh!

     Next, what are life without friends' drama? So I happen to own a few dramas in this time of year (I have high level of paranoia which seems to be quite true when I see their reaction towards me when I said / did something) where I think my friends start to distance themselves from me. It does feel a bit sad, well, because you been friends for some years and everything seems to fall into place, everything seems to be just fine, but well, good things can't last forever hahahaha. Otherwise, there is no bittersweet of life, right? Oh wait, I think I heard a cat meowing. I really hope it is not MamaKed nak beranakkkkk. Oh no! Gunna check on her kejap.

     Yep, dia dah beranak. Aku rasa patut banyak lagi. Tapi baru keluar dua ekor. Ohh, so btw, this semester, I decided on taking another anak kucing angkat (again). For the third time now hahahahaha. So basically, satu sem, satu anak kucing. And, don't worry. I only took anak kucing yang tak ada mak je. As in, yang seketul (tak ada adik beradik) and anak yatim piatu. First year, I named her 'Budu'. Second year, I named her 'Kobis'. And I called her, 'KobsiKobsi'. This year (Third year), my friend named her 'Alby'. But I called her 'Hey-Miau'. Bellieve me when I say, it is very coincident that all those kittens I took are female, and is white in colour. I don't know, I guess I have a soft spot for white-coloured orphaned female kittens hahaha! Bad name selection, yeaa  I know. But somehow I kinda like how weird those names are : )

     Also, in this year, I worked at a Celcom Centre for almost two months. It was really a bittersweet memory. Technically speaking. There are so many pros and cons there. Colleagues are mostly okay I guess............ 

     So I guess that's it! Bye!!!

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