Sunday, 6 January 2019

i actually play ZEPETO

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Just to pass some time : )
Up till now, I still play this game.

I've been keeping this post drafted for almost a month because I kept wondering whether or not should I post this or not.
Just a normal indecisive moments of me.

Friday, 4 January 2019

A Note to January

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. 

Everyone! We have an announcement to make. Stop Bullying!

     Kids, never do drugs, kayh. You'll end up like me.

     I am currently is having my finals, just that the gap is kinda long (about 3 days more) so I thought of spending my time by writing some piece. Well, sementara masih bersisa mood nak menulis :) But then nak menulis perlukan some kind of ilham.. what to write... Well, at least to me laa. Because simply I am not the type that always got words sliding through my brain and my mouth. I need some kind of inspiration, some spark, some point I was trying to convey. Believe me, I have a very hard time conveying my brain messages to surrounding people. So usually I just babble around hahahaha.

     And yes, for babbling, of course I got dismissed easily. Not really a good feeling, but sometimes you've learnt to adapt to it. Okay, first of all, this is not a sob story, so please keep your typical minds in the garbage can. You've learnt to adapt that as you grow up, human seek to hear for something powerful, with points, ideas, and along with the speaker's personal charm including a strong presence and a powerful voice. And this list goes on and on.

     So, you try to find that power within you. Build it. By observing, trial and errors, accepting it, and trial and errors. Be brave. Be bold. Expressing ourselves is not easy, because there is always flaw in oneself's opinion. But, keep the attitude positive, be optimist, keep humble, and have faith. Some people, they have good beliefs, good mindsets, but they cannot really convey those traits well. Sometimes they just need a little push, or drive, to cenvey those messages. One tips from me, always speak from your heart. Mean it. That way, your points are not easily broken down by your opponents.

     Some people would study right now even if the gap is kinda long. For me, I prefer not to do so. Well, I am rebellious, what can you say? Hahaha. Cakap laa macam mana pun, kalau selagi tak rasa nak buat tu, memang takkan buat punya. Hellgirl yeah? LOL. Sorry tho, I got in too deep with my anime actually. Now I can't stop watching it hahahaha. Nak habiskan gakkkk. Lepastu baru rasa macam tenang sikit jasad tu untuk study hahah. Nanatsu no Taizai. Not too cliche but not too wow. But kinda nice. I like it. Layannn...

     Beeteedubbs, is my new hippy-themed images [featuring wordings] pretty? IDK, I kinda like that theme. So, I guess for now I will keep on using these hippy-themed images on each of my post! Also, these hippy-themed images kinda inspired me to write more yknow. More or less. Somehow, lepas dah create some pretty thumbnails, I thought it would be such a waste to just let it rot away on my Canva. So, why don't I share it on my blog? Afterall, it would be quite a cheerful plus to my blog! It might attract more people to read on my blog?? I don't know hahaha. And I care less about it now hahah! I didn't even bother putting the Followers widget in this blog! I'm such a carefree hooman ._.
Postscript 2 : Carefree-ness doesn't come as full reward. There will be some drawbacks in it too :D

Now playing : Fire on Fire - Sam Smith

Postscript 3 : In case you've been wondering since the start of my post, no, I don't do drugs. Never even associated with one. Pinkie swear!