Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to smile シ

     To put on a smiley face is actually relatively easy.. Just follow this simple step(s) to get you smiling :

1) Smile.

     See? It is easy! Hahahahahaha but it does feel good to smile kan? Even for just a moment, all the problems around you seem to disappear... It is hard to think of all those problems when we are smiling. According to psychology, forcing a smile can help you to feel relaxed - even if it is for just a split second. So, cuba kalau kita senyum sincerely all day, the world must seem to be A LOT better.

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Wrecking Brain 💤

Gambar adalah hiasan semata-mata. Picture courtesy from Google.
     Currently am wrecking my brain in search of  topics to share and henceforth increase my blog's pageviews. 

     Come to think of it, maybe I should write about my past experiences [I should write about my matriculation friends and roommates as I had literally promised them, but my sentimental side hasn't come up yet], or my previous travelings [I haven't have much travelings to go with and besides, I am no photographer] or maybe those WORDLESS _____DAY them bloggers been going on about when they have nothing to write.

     So, I'll go with the WORDLESS ____DAY them bloggers had been going on .


Picture courtesy from Google.

     Yesterday, I started watching Death Note - I know dia dah lama keluar and dah completed lama dah pun but I am still a newbie to this manganime (mange + anime . I just the term I created. Please do not use IRL as people would not understand) world. Btw, it is me who's watching 😚 so BLAST OFF! Hahahaha! 
P/S : I like the story so far... Best gilerrrr 😂 I'm UHBSESSED! 
PP/S : I added emoji pack on my chrome 😙😙😙 uhuhuhuhu batak sekejap 😹

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Faceup : Mad Matte

Picture courtesy from Google. Btw, ain't she lovely?

     Mad Matte!!! Matte lipstick had recently boom out fashion trend it seems. Is matte good?

     In my opinion, matte lipstick is most suitable with women with pouty lips or plump ones [Kim K, Kylie kind of lips] as it brings out the shape of the lips MAGNIFICENTLY, as I would say. But, I really don't like it when people with thin lips wear it. Somewhat, i think that their lips is sinking in their mouth (Gosh! What a horrible brain I got here.. Biarlah diorang nak pakai apa pun.. Why should I care??  I really should stop scrutinizing people in my head).. But, yeah.. I like it better if they wear satin, or maybe butter, or maybe the usual glossy ones. If you want colours so much, pick the pigmented ones lah.. Dah banyak jual dah sekarang kan.. Seriously, pigmented lipstick [even without matte finish] looks great!

     Another opinion of mine, matte lipstick is a drying lipstick - unless you buy the semi-matte one lah. So, make sure you moisturize your lips enough before applying matte lipsticks. For me, I usually apply lip balm every night before I go to sleep. It kinda helps moisturize your lips for the day, though.. 

P/S : I added Milani's Amore Matte Lip Creme, Jordana's Sweet Creme Liquid Lipstick and Anastasia Liquid Lipstick (I don't know the specific name) to my wishlist hahaha
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