Tuesday, 21 June 2016

To time travel...

Courtesy from Google

     The idea of travelling through time... Originally proposed by Albert Einstein, then proven by Stephen Hawking. We CAN actually travel in time! Well, I actually am one of many people who simply doesn't believe in such things. I mean, how can time travel is even possible? It is just absurd! We live in the present. That means, we can't just go back in time OR go meet our future self by getting on some ridiculous machines (that's right people, I am no fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Star whatever-I-don't-care-I-don't-know and all sci-fi movies which shows time travelling things)!

     Yesterday, I watched a documentary with my 11 year-old brother titled GENIUS BY STEPHEN HAWKING in either National Geographic or Discovery Science (I don't remember which one but I think it is Nat Geo) channel. Anyways, it turned out that yesterday's topic was about this time travelling thing. It goes like Hawking wants to show the world that we CAN TIME TRAVEL. 

     And, yes it really happened! Time travelling REALLY exists!! Just not in the way we always think it would be. It seems that we actually experience this when we travel away from our gravity's centre. The higher the altitude, the more likely we are to experience time travelling. 

     In that documentary, one volunteer is assigned to be in a hotel at some lower ground (which later act as the base height) while two volunteers are assigned to drive up a hill which about 9,091 feet high above  the hotel. All of them are equipped with atomic clock (which has the most accuracy than our usual clock and the likely to go wrong is hardly).. 

     Later that night, these volunteers just do whatever they want and the next day, all of the volunteers brought the atomic clocks to some research centre. Then, both atomic clocks (the one at the hotel and the one at the hill top) were compared and the difference in time was counted. 

     The result was, time recorded by the atomic clock on the hill top is moving slower than the one at the hotel by few nanoseconds. This shows at the hill top, we actually are in the future! And the people at the hotel is the past even by few nanosecs! This is an awesome finding!

P/S : There are theories by NASA regarding The Black Hole being some kind of an agent for time travel. Could it be true?

The Black Hole. Picture courtesy from Google

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  1. I watched some time travelling vids on youtube. and yahhhh i think thats cool!