Friday, 9 December 2016

Dude & Death : The Origins

     I had accidentally found a short comic entitled 'Dude & Death : The Origins' in imgur while I was browsing some stock photos and eating Jacob's Hi-Fibre biscuit dipped with Nutella (bcoz that's all I could find in my piles of stok makanan - although it was not at all called 'stok makanan' dah kalau cuma nutella and biskut je yang ada dalam tempat simpanan makanan aku kan 😂). 

     I found this short comic is tediously hilarious! Not to mention it's epicity. hahaha. So, I had decided to capture Part 1 of the comic in this blog for you guys to read. For the rest of it, just click HERE.

 Dude & Death : The Origins [Part 1]

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  1. That was actually an awesome stories! hahah. it excite me to the end. oh you should read pucca, what yours its mine on tapas too. :D

    1. Really?Then I better get my hands on that now haha..