Saturday, 9 September 2017

F*** Life

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab. 

So, I'm downloading Baywatch and I thought I want to post sumthin since I haven't done in a while ever since I went back home for my semester break and now I'm back in UTM (hell) and I got wifi and so I just want to ramble nuthin good and if y'all wanna close this blog you're welcomed to do so. Cuz I really am talkin s*** rn. Yeah, I'm bored af and actually doesn't really know why am I writing this and yeah, I'm just f***in bored and tengah merajuk with that idiot chicken and urrghh why is my spotify not working?? Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my new header! Tu je.

Hiasan semata-mata tak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati ponnn lah!! 

Postscript 2 : mind my language im just f***in miserable rn and will delete this post as soon as I'm feelin embarrassed writing this s***load. Oh btw now the spotify's workin. 

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