Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Forever First Formal (kind of) Dinner

Today, this night, 10 May 2016, is the first time ever I went to a dinner. As in in-a-5-star-hotel dinner. God! I swear I had creeped myself out for trying to figure out a dress for the dinner!!! Well, actually it wasn't quite an effort since I was watching television all day long while figuring what to wear tonight 😄 And at the end, I just wear whatever I think would suit me best and at the same time, would be suitable for the dinner. Since no special theme is placed (it is actually a small dinner with delegations or whatever from Sabah so it is not really a big of a deal to put a theme though.. And I think if they put a theme, it would look insanely ridiculous. Muahaha), so I decided to wear a chiffon crepe black long skirt (or so they called) that I bought during my matriculation and I paired it with an abstract-printed blue blouse and a deep red chiffon shawl and to top it all of, I wore a pair of black leather boots. Haha! Simple enough right? Well, let's just say that I am a simple girl when it comes to fashion styles but I think I still look good in it. Hahah! Gotta have some confidence in ourselves 💪
Anyways, the hotel is magnificent (as ecpected of a 5-star hotel 💁) and the food is absolute delicacy 🙌 Since the chances of eating  dining in some 5-star hotel comes like maybe some once in a lifetime opportunity, I certainly goes all 'batak' when I saw thise food. Btw. Sorry I didn't really took pictures of the food. Well, I don't really want to creep those Sabah men that shares the same table with me (also, there is  this one man that is kinda old-fashioned, so he doesn't really likes what the modern-day teenagers are doing with their foods.. e.g : taking pictures before you eat). And, I also is not the type to always go snapping pictures of my food. I think it is better if you just savor the whole thing and keep some mental pictures of the food so that you will appreciate the food more the next time you found it! Hah! It also is some kind of memory exercise? Or so I thought..
Okay, so overall I thought all those food are delicious. I even got to take some home (I know this is kinda cliche but this is my life and I don't dwell in your life so just let me live my life the way I felt like it)!

The Ultimatum! The restroom selfie! Hahaha! Gosh, I really look fat in that pic.. . But never to worry, I am not that chubby in real life (Gotta have some self-confidence 💪)

Kay, till next post!

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