Saturday, 23 July 2016

Matrikulasi #2 (Rindu SMKBBST?)

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     Rindu sekolah menengah? I hardly ever made any memories in that school. It felt lifeless there.. I felt life just befun when I went to matriculation.

     Heck! I don't even miss my friends (best friends) there. Don't get me wrong, I just don't miss them very much because they all live nearby. So I can just go to their house or hanging out with them whenever we decide to. It is not a big of a deal, right?

     But with matriculation friends, they all live far away from you. Nak jumpa pun susah kan... Especially if you got the case yang sama macam aku, where you were dumped in an unknown place (in my case it's KMNS) alone with no one you know. Basically you will feel at least a bit terrified of making new friends since all those people around you already have their own clique and did not want to make room to new people. Hahaha sad life, but it's real. Unless you are some crazy super hipster with cute and glowing faces and have the aura of fame and fortune.

     The first friend you will be making when you were alone in an unknown place would be of course, your roommate! Well, ask anyone in this world  the same question and they probably would give the same answer. This is because, they are the closest people you can get when you were alone. You would probably hate that roommate later for some reason but they are all you got at that time.  Beggars can't be choosers, right? Fyi, I don't have big troubles with my roommates.

     Later in matriculation, you will make friends with your classmates as you get to know them and somewhat love them all [or maybe most of them or maybe some of them I don't know because I don't really have trouble with them]. They are the ones who helps you through your tough times.. They are the ones that be your shining armor when you needed protection.. They are the ones who let their shoulders for you to cry on.. They are the ones with everything! Well, let's just say that they complete your life in every good way possible.

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