Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's been December now, ma love 💕

     'Tis december now. Time to renew my 'azam lama' and maybe find a new 'azam' and wish that the new year will be better than this year has been. 

     Hahaha. Cliche, isn't it? Gosh! I don't know why I wrote that. I am sorry, dear fellow readers. I've been out for some time now in the blogging world (padahal baru lebih kurang berapa minggu je Cehh) but now it felt so alien to me. Like, I don't know how to write a post properly and et cetera, et cetera. Okay, enough nonsencity.

     So, during this sophomore year, I have learnt lots of things. Interesting things. Exciting things. Humiliating things. Sad things. Touching things. And the list goes on and on.. 

     Time to learn from past mistakes and move on, mara ke hadapan dengan semangat membara untuk tidak mengulangi 'the past mistakes'. Yosh! 💪💪 

P/S : The other day, I watched Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them at the local TGV Cinema in Johor Bahru. Personally, aku rasa plot cerita tu agak lemah. There's holes everywhere yang buat cerita tu macam tak lengkap. They should terangkan more about those beasts, why Mr. Scamander keep insisting that MACUSA shouldn't kill those beasts as they were harmless. Okay, maybe it is me yang ada terlepas plot somewhere but all I see was those beasts wreaking havoc all the way when they escaped from that bag. And also about that witchcraft and wizardry intolerance  in USA in the current time and the whole Obscurius thing. It just didn't really make sense in my fantasy mind. Sorry.

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  1. Books and movie mmg tak sama. kind of movie ambil yg penting jak and leave act more exciting parts behind. Well they have limited time and budget so yeah, hole everywhere. haha.