Monday, 20 March 2017

Yea pinuye alls

     Is it too late now? Guess it has been quite a while since I last updated my blog now ain't? *Check it now please dear invisible readers. I last updated at 9th December 2016. So yeah I think that was a pretty long vacay hahaha.

     Anywhos, I actually planned to write about my short trip to Perlis last December (see? An event berhabuk from last year yang aku tashempat nak isi kat belog T_T) tapi since last December also (Gosh i do have quite an eventful month in December. I wonderrr..), my precious *Smeagol's voice whenever he says 'my precious'* lappy rosak nokk. So nak tak nak, iolls kena lah hantar lappy iolls ke kedai untuk dibaiki. Ye lah, kalau tak macam mana nak siapkan assignment, lab report etc.

     Sepanjang-panjang tempoh aku nak hantar laptop baiki and selama tempoh laptop dibaiki, aku menggagahkan diri bawak diri naik bas tiap-tiap hari pergi library. Hahaa gigihkan daku ini?

      Tidak dilupakan juga, pinuye alls! Next time nanti ni aku akan sedaya upaya update about that short trip to Perlis yerr. Because now in Malaysia is nearly 6 am and I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY SLEEP SINCE YESTERDAY. Memang gila aku kot kalau biar tak tidur lagi lama ni *thoughtful face in emoji*.

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