Friday, 24 March 2017

You're Single Because You're Too Attractive

Postscript 1 : Before clicking any links in this blog, do use right-click. My blog isn't programmed to pop open new links in new tab.

     Believe me when I say I take some risk of updating this blog when I am actually supposed to finish my part of Cellular Biochemistry and Metabolism lab on lipid tests right now. Besides, updating will only take some minutes, right? And, writing lab report's discussion takes HOURS, right?

    What's with the title, though? The other day on MSN, I encountered an article titled 'You're Single Because You're Too Attractive'. Forgive me, but I do not know the link because I DO NOT CLICK ON THAT ARTICLE. At that time I was just too busy to get logged in to the internet to send my previous lab report before the dateline (or is it deadline?) catches on and me and my team would lose mark because of the lateness to send the damned lab reports. 

P/S : The web was intended to be a prank hehee. Funny enough? Haha! Gotcha! Well, sometimes you just gotta load yourselves with useful infos instead of some random Kardashian's well-beings, right?

     Yesterday, I went to search again for the article. Sadly, I don't really find it in Google. Although the fact is just that I didn't look DEEP enough. But, I do find somewhat similar article although it may look weird to me because it actually comes from this website called kidspot. It's kinda disturbing really. LOL. But, it is the only one with similar title and it's contexts are related. 

So, here's what kidspot has to say about this issue :

     That's it, folks. Yep, that was all I could find. If you got more related articles do let me know, though. I would love to read it. Oh, and I have another article that might actually is equally interesting. Haha! Just click HERE. Don't worry, it is not another prank.

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  1. Dayummmm finally I found a blogger that also studyy in science since I'm taking degree in Bioinformatic.. Haahaha nice to meet you. Btw I'm single, is that mean I'm also tooooo attractive? Hahahaha

    1. Sadly, im only studying pure biology hehee. But yeahh have to admit that it is kinda hard to fine bloggers studying in science stream especially in university level. Wait? Does those words came out as too sceptic? Sorry tho, im dont mean to harm people its just that i always am poor on word selection. Haha!

  2. I'm single, and I'm attractive!. :D