Thursday, 15 September 2016

Awak tahu tak saya comel ?

Picture courtesy from Google. Kathleen Lights with her collections of liquid lipsticks.. You can find her in her Youtube Channel

     Tajuk post yang gila. Yes, I am aware of that, thank you readers berry much muah I love you till the end of time. Dan sangat tak bererti. Yes, I am aware of that thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time, love. I'm being uber cliche. Yes, I am also aware of it thank you berry much muah I still love you till the end of time. Hehehe!

     So, the other day I got a brand new liquid lipstick. It's from Anastasia Beverly  Heels  Hills with code : Heathers. And another other day, I ordered from this girl two types of liquid lipsticks from Kylie Lip Kit, code : Kourt K and King K. Yeayy!!

     Eventhough I think that my lipstick enthusiasm had gone over the top recently since the liquid lipsticks start to make its way to the world (OMG they're so pretty I can't stand to just watch it on the stands so I have to buy some samples from each brand hahahahahaha)..

     And to me, just buying some branded lipsticks is not exactly what you would call as pembaziran, as long as you know how to spend the money, and make sure just to buy SOME instead of ALL shades of lipsticks (because I know that I won't be using all those shades. There will always be those shades that I don't really like and won't be using it forever and ever again. So, choose wisely.) and where to get the lowest price, of absolute best quality.

P/S : Personally, I prefer to wear the ordinary lipsticks when going to non-event events (where the heck did I have the idea of creating that term?) in comparison to liquid lipsticks.

PP/S : Tajuk post memang tak ada kena mengena langsung dengan post ni hahaha! Btw, haritu I got the chance to have breakfast kat medan selera area pasar pagi kat Taman U (I think), Johor Bahru. And all I can say is that, I liked the food! The food there is tantalizingly delicious!

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  1. Didn't own any of the ABH liquid lipsticks but Heathers is so beautiful! It's kinda like Kathleen Lights x ofra's Havana Nights! :D
    ieyra h. | blog