Thursday, 1 September 2016


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     Ever heard of it? From what I understand, it is basically an INSPIRATION TO BECOME THIN. Like, the unhealthy thin. Anorexic thin. Bulimic thin. Yeah, you got the picture, right? The exact version of what I would call as a 'walking corpse?'. Hahahahaha okay, it's a joke but whatever...

     Personally, I think this is a stupid, fucked up, suicidal idea. To be as skinny like a skeleton? I find this idea is horrifying.

     I mean, to show your bones protruding from your skin? Very unhealthy. Doing this could even lead to organ dysfunction (logically)! Why do you want to be so thin? The sight of it is really creepy - honestly.

     The best way of becoming slimmer is to be fit. Do workouts, eat healthy, etc... Besides, it will get you hot body 😚 Don't starve yourself... Be good to your body, people.

P/S : Maybe if you want to be slimmer and afraid of eating too much food when food is presented, or maybe you are just too lazy to do workouts, you should fast. Fasting is the best diet ever.. And it is totally healthy!

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  1. reading ur post remind me of a girl who have body disorder, where she appears to be thin exactly like a skeleton. At first i feel creepy and horrified also, but after hearing her stories i began to pity her. some people struggle to become a lil bit chubby and we who already get some "fats" were complained too much. okay just a reminder for me. haha.